Black Beans & Pork Chops

Crazy May is finally over!  Thank goodness!  We joked that was the month we could count on 1 hand the number of times I cooked.  (Seriously, this is crazy for us!  We don’t do this!)

What would be better than to start June off with a great meal?

My sister told me about Food on the Table.  It costs a small fee (but I got it free under a special- check- they have more coming up) but you put in your food preferences (protein choices, dietary restrictions, etc) & it comes up with a variety of recipes for dinner.  You select them & they pop them into a meal plan with shopping list & they tell you if your local grocery stores has any of those items on sale this week.

To try them out I made their “Black Beans & Pork Chops.”  I was impressed how easy the recipe looked, but you still never know.





I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow to have the leftovers!

Here’s the recipe:
– 4 pork chops (we did 2 very large bone-in ’cause that’s what was in the freezer)
(to taste)ground black pepper & salt

– 1 tbsp olive oil
– 1, 15.0 ounce can black beans, with liquid
– 1 c. salsa (we used Newman’s Own Medium)

– Season pork with some salt & pepper (I always pat my meat dry first)
– Heat oil in skillet & quickly brown the sides
– Add black beans (with liquid) & salsa
– Bring to a boil
– Simmer covered, 20 minutes or so- depending on how thick the chops are

We had these with roasted potatoes & fresh green beans. 
I’d say June is starting off on the right foot!

*Note- there’s been some discussion lately on recipe copyrights.  I know I break these rules.  However, I’m not sure exactly what these rules are.  I’m just a wife who’s trying to put a decent meal on the table in the midst of craziness.  I like Jamie Oliver’s stance that we’re just trying to share real food with people to encourage everyone to cook good & healthy meals at home.

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