Garden Update

I haven’t given a garden update in a while, so here’s the status of the plants:

The tomatoes are growing happily….

de-suckered them & decided to try rooting the stems in water.  It’s all an adventure in this gardening thing, so we’ll see how it goes…

Here’s the potato plant from the seeds I obtained locally & planted after Good Friday (& thus after the last frost).  This should turn out successful!

Here’s the potato plant from the certified organic seeds I purchased online & planted on Good Friday.  Not sure what happened, but at first I thought they were a lost cause, now it seems they just had a slow start….

Here are J’s cayenne peppers.  We dry these & crush them.  He says they’re the best on our homemade pizzas.  I also like to add a pinch in our meatloaf ala Jamie Oliver. (recipe from his Food Revolution book.  Best.  Meatloaf.  Ever.)

Lastly, here are the basil & string bean plants.  We like to make pesto & freeze it in snack bags.  It’s makes the perfect portions for those frozen raviolis.  The string beans are an experiment.

The gardening hobby around here is truly an experiment.  I always loved doing the little gardening I did as a kid & wanted to grow my own veggies to use in cooking.  I don’t know much & am really learning as I go.  Thankfully J likes to dabble in this with me.  If we succeed & get to eat some homegrown goodness, yay!  If something happens & we get nothing, that’s ok too.

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