Random Monday

- J & I went to Michigan this weekend & we passed the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile on the way…
- I learned there are actually roads in Detroit called “Ford Road” & “Pontiac Trail.”  This is something a Southerner has to see to believe…
- I was reminded again of the fact that Michigan drivers drive fast.  Highway driving was wonderful this weekend!
- Big cities (well, cities larger than Omaha) have wonderful stores like Ikea & REI.  Btw, Ikea cinnamon rolls are amazing….
- In prepping for this trip last week was pure insanity.  Thank God I have a dear husband who doesn’t mind running out to Walmart at 10pm on the night before we have to drive 12 hours to buy me more Velcro so I can finish a walker bag for his grandmother….
- Here is said walker bag:

- I also managed to finish & mail a baby quilt for J’s cousin last week.  Pics to come….
- I also finished another grommet bag…
- I also taught the quilted table runner class.  The students pieces are beautiful!  Pics to come also….
- Needless to say, just sitting & sipping my coffee this morning felt like heaven….
- On the road, we listened to Quiet (the book about introverts) & Bossypants by Tina Fey.  Both were great & we need to finish them as well.  We paused & talked too much about the books so 24 hours in the car wasn’t nearly enough time to finish 12 hours of audio…
- Now we’re home & settling back into the routine.  I love the fresh start feeling I get the first days back from a trip…..
- One of my first goals is to tackle my studio.  It’s in serious need of some cleaning.  Or at least just straightening….

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