A Failed Project, Part 1

So I was at A Quilting Place/Stashbusters one evening & I found a great pattern from a local designer that I wanted to use for a class.It’s a great pattern that uses 5″ charms, plays a little with triangles, but not too much & has some nice borders- best of all it’s small enough so it would make a great table topper so it’s useful & cost efficient.

Sounds so easy right?

Yeah, projects like that are always bound to take you 5 hours!

Which this did! & we’re not even done yet!

The first problem was that I decided to work with a fabric line.  I don’t work well with fabric lines- I feel they are too restrictive & don’t lend any creativity to the end product.  I prefer my “scrappy” look where I just search for fabrics that work.

So I started with a charm pack from Moda called “Grand Finale” & picked up some additional fabric in the line that I thought would make a nice border.

So after making several amateur mistakes (due to my inability to read patterns…reality is I tend just to look at the pictures) I came up with this:

At which point I was so mad it didn’t work out I folded it up & put it away.

Then I got my act together & searched online for someone who sold the solid green that coordinated with this line.

I should have known in the beginning, but it’s an issue of letting the eye rest.  The charms are so busy your eye keeps jumping around & has no place to settle to take it all in.  (A dear friend actually talked about this recently.  As soon as I saw what I pieced, I couldn’t believe I ignored her advice!)

But then again, it’s hard to choose borders when the piece isn’t together- or even when you can’t fully see the charm squares b/c they’re wrapped up in a package.

It reminded me of a line Jaye of Art Quilt Maker said on a podcast with Sandy from Quilting for the Rest of Us– “Make Visual Decisions Visually.”

When I first heard that it just flew through my ears & I didn’t really understand it.  But now I get it.  You can’t expect to make a color/fabric/design choice if you can’t see what your putting it against!  I needed to have my center assembled first, then I could audition borders.

So the good thing is, this actually isn’t a failed project, it’s just not done like I want it to be.

But more importantly, I want it to be done right.

So I’ll take the time & make “Visual Decisions Visually.”

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3 thoughts on “A Failed Project, Part 1

  1. I like your block! I do know what you mean about working with lines of fabric though…I did my first quilt with just precuts and I was really upset with how visually busy it was. Count me in as another one who only looks at the pictures in the instructions 😀 I cause myself so much more work than I need to! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

  2. Yeah – I almost always find that a charm pack or layer cake needs coordinating solids to go with it. But hey, this was a good piece to learn your lesson on – rather than a giant, expensive bed-size project!

  3. I think the block looks great, the only thing that could be too busy for me is the green polka dot fabric that frames it all. I never worked with a fabric line since I tend to buy my fabric randomly when they’re on sale. I don’t even have most of them coordinated, except the newer ones I bought.

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