Apple Harvest Mini Quilt

Here’s September’s mini quilt- an apple farm!

I love how the buttons are used for apples- did you notice the apples on the ground?  I *love* those!

This mini quilt reminds me of the 1 time I went apple picking with a friend.  We were living in the DC area & I was feeling the “closeness” of the city & tried to take a hike every weekend.  This weekend J was out of town at a family wedding (which, aside from this story, I’m sorry I missed b/c there were some great stories that came out of that wedding!) & I asked a friend if she wanted to hike a towpath up in Maryland.

We finally get up there & discover it wasn’t actually a hike….more like a walk on a very well laid out path…..  But that’s ok- we were sports- we were going to do this anyways!  Well we get talking & talking & didn’t really pay attention to how far we were going until she mentioned “uh, should we turn back?”  Then of course I realize that it was an In & Out hike, not a Roundabout!!!  (I knew this, but it just didn’t register….)  So we start back & after looking at the map we ended up walking like 11 miles that day- needless to say, we were tired.

But we’d been having such a great time together we didn’t realize how tired we were…..

So on our way home when I noticed an apple farm on the side of the road…

Yeah, we had to stop.

I had never picked apples before & was having a great time & got a little carried away…..

Well…..a lot carried away & the next morning when I woke around noon, I walked into the kitchen & realized I picked TONS of apples.

J came home that night from the wedding to remember & just starred at our kitchen- it was covered in apples!  Not quite what he was expecting!

Needless to say, we were eating a lot of yummy apples well into winter & my friend & I had a great apple story, so it was all good in the end 🙂

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