Coupon Holder

This is our previous coupon holder:

Wait, it gets better:

Kinda pathetic, right?

I’ve been meaning to make a new one for ages, it just always got bumped down on the “to do” list.  That & I never found a pattern I was in love with.  There was always something wrong with it- too short, not enough pockets, pockets in the wrong places, difficult to use, tedious directions (this is just a coupon holder after all- I’m not making an award winning quilt here)- point is- there was always an excuse & it just never got done.  (Kinda similar to the story about the shoemaker whose family doesn’t have any shoes….)

Until recently when I had a coupon explosion & realized a new holder was now an immediate need.

So I dug through patterns & found a this from Legacy Patterns that I won at a door prize at a quilting retreat.

The overall directions seemed a little tedious, but that day I didn’t care- it had to basic elements I wanted, so there- decision made.

I grabbed two fat quarters I liked (I love the turquoise/orange combo) & set out to make this.

It was surprisingly easier than I anticipated & maybe took me 2 hours?

Overall I love it!  There are plenty of pockets for loyalty & gift cards, & the long pocket for coupons is perfect.

Between the quilts I give away & the quilts for customers, it’s nice to make something usable for us for a change.

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