Plus Quilt

Take 20 fat quarters (10 red & 10 blue) cut into 4 1/2″ squares:

Add a in weekend retreat in Grand Island, Nebraska full of “simple sewing.”  (I literally just brought my sewing machine, 1 spool of thread, some bobbins to use up & a seam ripper- that’s IT!- I really need to do some more simple sewing- very good for the soul!)

Mix some 30 Rock via Netflix on the iPhone…..

Stay up until 1 am……
& you have a plus quilt:

This is actually a free pattern from Jeni at In Color Order.  I think this will be a class quilt as well!  It was a lot of fun to make & very simple.  Speaking of classes- we’re having a great time at A Quilting Place on Monday evenings!  Give Jackie a call to sign up for a class!


Back to the quilt- I am going to add some borders- I like large quilts & this is *almost* big enough!  I’m thinking 2 borders- a narrow blue inner border & a wider red outer border…..

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