Monthly Archives: November 2012

Free Motion Flowers & an Old UFO Done!

This is an old UFO!  I pieced this top back in High School when I was making tons of charity quilts.

I thought most of them were finished & given away years ago, but while unpacking more boxes from Texas I found this quilt top.

I decided to use this as a practice piece for a freehand flower meander.  It’s largely over quilted, but it was fun & I became comfortable with the design and I completed a UFO!  Wohoo!

Quilts From the Bluffs

I recently got in touch with Jeanine who leads Quilts From the Bluffs, a quilting ministry out of Council Bluffs.She was in need of a longarmer for their many quilts tops pieced by their prolific piecers & with the new machine I needed practice tops.She eagerly gave me 10 tops to work on at our first meeting & this is one of them:

I quilted a wave through every string (no matter how wide or narrow) with King Tut thread.  Incidently, this was also the first quilt I completed on the new longarm back in August- it was so much fun playing with the new machine!

Quilt Retreat Progress

I recently went on 2 different quilting retreats & on the first, I decided to work on something frivilous that didn’t have a purpose & didn’t have a deadline & was just for fun.I pulled out this kit of my mom’s from my stash & since it was Christmasy, that would be the project.

So while it’s not really my style, it required accuracy & with the few pattern errors-a bit more thinking!

I already have some quilting ideas in mind- but it will have to wait a bit for that!

A Finish!

So here’s a quilt I pieced & quilted in the same year!  For myself!  I know- who would have thought?You might remember my talking about piecing the quilt.It came together very easily & since I actually bought the backing & binding at the same time (another marvelous idea!)- I had it prepped & ready to go on my “to be quilted” shelf in no time.

Then last Friday came around & I decided to give myself a challenge.  To see how fast I could quilt this 70×70 quilt in my free motion custom style- without getting hung up on perfection & overthinking the quilting & all those things that keep me from quilting my own quilts.

So I loaded it onto the frame without a quilting design in mind & pow!  It came to me!  Wavy lines!  The red plus signs would go in one direction & the blue in the opposite- I could then travel from plus sign to plus sign to keep thread breakage at a minimum & still do all the red’s in a red thread & blue in blue thread- perfect!

So I “winged” it!  & timed myself & finished the whole quilt in 2.25 hours!

Put the binding on at a retreat that evening & hand stitched it down a week later.   Voila!  A finished quilt!  & for myself!  That I didn’t overthink & stress & just had fun with!

I may be my new favorite quilt…..

(Sorry for the washed out photos- it’s actually a very bright quilt.)

Waking Up From a Long Nap

You may have noticed the inactivity recently.  Let’s just say the blog needed to nap while other things where being dealt with like….

– Selling my old longarm
– Buying a new longarm
– Playing with the new longarm
– Quilting for customers
– Doing guild stuff
– Working on church stuff
– Going my to niece’s beautiful wedding
– Helping family in Texas
– Getting sick
– Getting migraines
– Going on quilt retreats
– Resting my body

I’m sure I left out a bunch, but you get the idea.

But we’re awake over here now (the chilly morning help that!)  So expect some more blogs about goings on & happenings.

In the meantime, have a great quilty weekend!