Do You Have Quilting Gremlins?

First, watch this video from Patricia Lawless
So, do you have Quilting Gremlins?
And I’m not talking about the little things that move your rotary cutter & hide your pieced blocks!
What I’m mean is- do you have those voices in your head that say “you’re not a good quilter” or “you’re not talented enough to make that quilt.”
Sound familiar?
I’ve heard many, many piecers give me their quilt top & tell me it’s a terrible.  I’ve heard guild members say they’ll never be able to do “difficult” quilts.  I’ve heard students say they’ll never improve.
So here’s what I want to tell you- you ARE a good enough quilter!  Your work IS NOT terrible!  Jump in & try that pattern you’ve always loved but have hesitated about starting.
This is our craft, our hobby!  It’s supposed to be fun & freeing & expanding- so squash those gremlins & try that new technique you’ve been scared of….

5 thoughts on “Do You Have Quilting Gremlins?

  1. Great post! This has been a problem for me but it’s something I work on all the time. Just looking back and seeing how my quilts have improved over the years keeps me motivated to challenge myself and try new things.

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