A T-Shirt Quilt for a Friend

A few years ago, when we moved to Nebraska, a close friend asked me to make her a t-shirt quilt. I picked up the t-shirts on one of my trips to Texas & knew from the shear amount of t-shirts that I would do some improv piecing to make this a one-of-a-kind quilt. Needless to say, I didn’t expect it to take as long as it did!I started the cutting & piecing & the size of the quilt quickly grew & grew & grew! Very soon I ran out of interfacing (I honestly don’t remember how many yards I ended up purchasing, but it was a lot!) & then I ran out of space to layout the quilt. So I actually took graph paper & cut out little pieces of paper in proportion to the the t-shirts & organized them on a poster board. It was awkward & probably not the most efficient way, but it worked with what I needed.

I then had the top pieced (after quite a while) & realized I wouldn’t have enough fabric for the backing so I purchased a wide-back online. After it arrived, I liked it, but I wasn’t sure it would work, but J thought the fabric was perfect, so then I had to figure a batting. The top was very heavy due to all the t-shirts & interfacing, & given that my friend now lives in Southern California, I knew a cotton batting wouldn’t be best, but I also didn’t want low quality polyester. After talking with some local longarmers, I decided on a nice poly batting from Pellon.

So then I needed to decide on the quilting- I went with a large overall stipple. Typically I don’t stipple, but it’s works great in this quilt as it keeps it together nicely without taking away from the t-shirt designs.

After getting the binding on, I mailed it to my friend & it was so hard to wait the 4 days for her to receive the package! When she got it, she immediately let me know she loved it & I couldn’t have been happier for her!

Honestly,that’s my favorite part of making quilts for people- getting to see their face or hear their excitement when they see their quilt finished or quilted!

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