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Blogger’s Quilt Festival Fall 2013- Carpenter Star Quilt

It’s time for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!!

For this one I’m submitting my Simplicity & Complexity in Quilting in the Two-Color Quilt Category.

This began from an idea I had when planning my Fall 2013 classes.  I wanted a wallhanging that could be seasonal, but not just “Christmasy” or something that would work year round in your house.  I didn’t want it large (no larger than 40″x40″) so just one piece would be needed for the backing.  I also wanted it to look striking while not using too many techniques.

Carpenter's Star

Carpenter’s Star

Inspired by the beautiful red & white quilts in this show, I found my color palette & after searching through some old quilting books, I chose the traditional Carpenter’s Star pattern.  To add dimension to what could be a “flat” quilt, I chose four different red fabrics that had the same hue (red), but with slightly different shades (degree of blackness) to give the quilt depth.  After it was pieced, I liked it, but I still didn’t love it.

Then I put it on the quilting frame.

Carpenter's Star

Carpenter’s Star

Sometimes it takes a while for the quilt to tell me what design it wants, but this quilt screamed feathers from the very beginning.

I chose a traditional, formal feather in a curvy spine to be quilted in the red to emphasis the depth of the colors.  The white took a bit longer to decide on a pattern, but I knew I didn’t want more feathers (I thought that would take away from the other feathers).  I kept coming back to the fact that every time I looked at this quilt I saw the star exploding & I wanted something that would emphasis the radiance of the star.  I opted for straight lines to balance the curves of the feathers & in the ended decided to go with a triple stitch to really give the quilt a striking look.

Feathered Star

Feathered Star

I truly could not be happier with this quilt.  It is everything I imagined it would be, yet didn’t think I could do.  Because friends, this was the first time I quilted the formal, longarm feather on a quilt.  After years of practice & never being quite happy with them, I think I’ve finally got it!

And guess who can’t stop using that feather design?

Linking up with the Blogger’s Quilt Festival on Amy’s Creative Side: (And go check out the rest of the quilts!  They’re amazing!)

Getting Things Back Together

We made it to Virginia!  It was more than a little crazy right before we left Omaha (impending storms, government shutdown, cats freaking out over the move, selling the house, pregnancy symptoms, lots & lots of rain) but we’re here now making our lives in our new home. (whew!)

Our stuff has been here for about a week & we’re 80% unpacked & living our “normal” life with routines & whatnot.  It makes for a somewhat stressful first week in our new home, but we know after 3 moves together the faster we can get things together then the faster we can start focusing on our career & school without distractions.

Needless to say, the studio is usually one of the last things, mostly because I need to get the kitchen together so we can start cooking (an integral part to getting back to “normal” for us & nothing fancy here folks, just what can I toss in the slow cooker that will be warm & tasty in our bellies), and the main living area needs to be in order or we can’t find things like car keys in the morning!

Last night though J & I started assembling the longarm.  This had to be done first because the new studio is much smaller than the Omaha one & I didn’t know how much actual space I’d have left to work with once the longarm was up & running.  Hopefully we’ll finish the longarm tonight so I can get the rest of the studio together over the weekend- and then I can start quilting again!!

I’ll keep posting pictures of how I’m organizing things, remember, you can also follow OBQ on Facebook!