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Scrapitude Part 3

Sandy posted part 3 of the mystery quilt this past week & I was so excited I dove in on Thursday & completed this step:

Scrapitude part 3

It went very quickly so after the piecing & pressing I went ahead & trimmed all my dog ears on these blocks as well as the triangles in part 2.

So this quilt is put away for a while now & I’m working on other projects in the meantime.  Some baby things, some Block of the Month things & also just figuring out where I am on several projects.

Happy sewing!


Sewing for Baby- Burp Clothes

This week I decided to get started on baby sewing since I realized I’m already in my 5th month & if you do lose energy in the 3rd trimester, I don’t have a lot of time on my side.

I always knew I wanted to sew things for our baby, even before baby was a remote reality.  I pinned the super cute tutorials on Pinterest & couldn’t wait to buy the perfect “non-baby” baby fabric.  (Side note, I’m not a fan of baby fabric.  Mostly it makes me want to gag at it’s cuteseyness & light pastel fabric.)  But amazingly enough with all the fabric I own, I didn’t have the “right” fabric that I pictured in my mind, so I knew I’d have to go shopping.

Now let me back up a little more & tell you my current feelings on shopping & stuff.

I hate it.

Maybe I should explain that.  I’m sick of stuff.  I’m sick of buying stuff & I’m sick of being around stuff.  And it isn’t just because we moved across the country & I had to pack every.last.thing.we.own.  It’s more than that, it’s a gradual life change I’ve wanted to make since waiting up in suburbia one day in a ridiculously large house & wondering how the heck did we get here?  We’ve always lived in modest homes & we were happy.  Yes there were things we wish we had, but we knew we were fine without those things since we had this habit of moving every 2 years.  Then we had the chance to move to Omaha & possibly live in the same house for 20 years & the houses are  I’m not kidding.  After living in the DC metro area where we couldn’t even get an 800 sq. ft. condo for less than $300k, we fell in love with the space we could suddenly afford & bought a large house.  A really large house.  It was a little overwhelming to furnish it since literally, what we brought with us didn’t fill 1/3 of the space, but it was fun shopping in the beginning.  We kept thinking about all the entertaining we’d do & how wonderful the space would be….then I realized we’d have to clean it.  Then we realized how much junk we’d accumulate around the house that we’d have to get rid of before we could even clean!  We entertained twice.  And that was in the first year- we lived there for four years folks.

Around year three we were sick of it & wanted less.  Less house, less stuff, less all of it.  But no mater how hard we tried to get rid of stuff, we never seemed to give away enough.  It was still there lurking everywhere we turned.  Then we found out we were moving & now things were serious.  No more wishy washyness.  No more keeping it because we liked it.  Nope, going back to DC meant a *much* smaller place & things had to go!

Then we found out about the baby!  And yes it was very exciting once I could keep a meal down & didn’t need 20 hours of sleep (although the cats really enjoyed that), but then we started to get the marketing.  All the stuff you “need”.  All the themed pretty things that I remember my sisters having & never using.  And we said no.  We did our research & came up with a small list of needed items & I fact checked these with my sisters with what they really used.  We’re keeping it minimalist here with the kiddo because it’s expensive, a waste of resources & most of all- it won’t fit in our new home!  Seriously!  We thought we had decluttered, but we still had too much stuff when we moved into the new place.

So what does this have to do with burp clothes?  Well suddenly actually buying cute fabric made my head spin when I already have so much in my studio I can’t think!  So I pulled all my flannel scraps & pieced some burp clothes like they were a patchwork quilt.  No they’re not the pretty burp clothes I’d pinned, but seriously folks.  They’re burp clothes.  Why should I spend premium money on something that’s going to get spit up on when I already have a decent substitute?  We get something we need that’s actually thicker than what you can buy (don’t get me started on that rant!), I get fabric moved out of my studio & we get to put a little more money towards things like car seats.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

So here they are in their glorious scrappiness!
handmade burp clothes

Details:9″x18″ rectangles sewn right sides together with an opening to turn & flip.  Edge stitched around to close the opening & add stability.  Easy peasy.

Scrapitude Update!

********First I want to apologize if you’ve received any empty or double posts from me.  I recently decided to migrate the website/blog over to WordPress & let’s just say it’s been a bit of an adventure!  I *think* I’ve got the bugs worked out, but you never know!**********

Things are actually settling down so I’m starting to be able to do some sewing!  I’m still not at a point where I can give a lot of attention to projects, so mindless sewing is what I’m craving.  Luckily there’s that mystery quilt Sandy is hosting I’ve been able to work on in small bits.

I started talking about it back before I moved & honestly wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep up with the clues.  Surprisingly I haven’t done too badly so either this is really an easy project or I’m doing a good job at procrastinating all the other stuff I’ve supposed to do!

But have I told you why I was drawn to this mystery quilt?  For the record, I’m not a mystery quilt fan.  I’m a control freak & there’s no/little control in mystery quilts.  That’s supposed to be the “fun” part of participating in them.  I don’t get it.  I have done a few, & regretted it.  In fact during packing I found one that needs to be quilted but there’s a huge mistake in it where I turned a block & I’m not happy with the overall look & honestly I just need to meander the dang thing & give it away & move on.  So that’s how I feel about mystery quilts.

Now I love scrap quilts!  The kind of quilts where you can put Christmas fabric next to baby fabric & it all works out in the end b/c it’s a hodge podge; where you can add in pieces of your favorite fabric & your “ugly” fabric & it all looks great in the end.  They’re also just so incredibly efficient!  No eliminating a block b/c it doesn’t go with the rest of the quilt, no need to visit 20 quilt shops to find that perfect shade of red.  You just use what you have & move on!

So I decided to join this mystery quilt since it was truly scrappy & being led by Sandy, I knew it would be a low pressure group.  The collecting & cutting of scraps went fairly quickly since I’ve started a scrap cutting “system.”  (I use that term liberally, it is a system & they are cut scraps, but I’m a little more inclusive about my sizes than many of the systems out there, but honestly that’s a whole other post.)  Everything used in this project came from stash, even the background fabric- it feels great to truly be using what I have & helping it move on to live it’s life in a quilt rather than sitting in a box in my studio!

Step 1 was fun.
4-patch pieces
Simple 4-patches where I used my seam twisting trick.  It was a nice break in between packing, decluttering, experiences the joy of morning sickness & wrapping up my life in Omaha. (Seriously, what the heck was I thinking taking on this project?)

Step 2 was released when we just got to our new home, so I didn’t get around it to until this past week.
pieced triangles
These went very quickly & I appreciated how Charlotte (the mystery quilt designer) had us assemble the triangles in ways that weren’t so obvious from the initial cutting directions.

So now I’m all caught up with clues & have to admit that I’m anxiously awaiting the next clue which should be released any day now!