Tuesday Tip! 7 Reasons to Take a Quilting Class & Where to Find Them

7 Reasons to Take a Quilting Class & Where to Find Them

Today’s tip is go out & take a class!

There are tons of reasons of why you should, but here are some of my favorites:

1.  You might learn a new technique that works better for you
2.  You might learn that a technique you’ve always been interested in is NOT your cuppa tea!
3.  You might meet some great people in your class & begin new friendships
4.  You might be inspired to “get out of a rut.”
5.  You might use some precious fabric you’ve been hoarding
6.  You might completely fail (and that’s ok)
7.  You might make something beautiful

So go learn something new- it doens’t have to be a queen size quilt, it could be one block or a baby quilt you end up donating to a local charity- just go try something new!

Where can you find classes?  Here are the places I like to check out:
1. Your local quilt shops (or non-local!  Depending on the class, I’d be willing to drive an hour & half each way.)
2. Online- you’ve got Craftsy www.craftsy.com (anyone else have classes they’ve purchased & not watched yet? *hanging my head in shame*) or Creativebug www.creativebug.com
3. Your local (or not so local) quilt guilds (www.quiltersresources.net/quiltguilds.html has listings for the US & Canada)
4. Continuing education departments at local universities or community colleges
5. Art studios
6. Community Centers/Rec Centers
7. Quilt Retreat Centers

I hope you’re inspired to learn something new!  If you do take a class, please share what you’ve learned- I loved to see!

One thought on “Tuesday Tip! 7 Reasons to Take a Quilting Class & Where to Find Them

  1. Great shout-out for classes! What is so nice is that time is devoted to a certain project, and no interruptions! Always fun to gather with friends, new and old!

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