Tuesday Tip! How to Keep from Losing your Tools at Classes

I’m very excited to bring back the Tuesday Tip!

Have you ever been to a class or sew-in or retreat & at when cleaning up to go home, you can’t find your rotary cutter or scissors?

This happens to me all the time!  Somehow it made it’s way to the community cutting table or even someone else’s sewing station!

I used to put my initials on the cutter with “permanent” marker, before I learned it would eventually rub off the plastic handle.

Now I use a beaded fob on the end to avoid any confusion.  I received mine as a retreat gift, but I’ve seen cute ones at LQS’s.  If you can’t find a fob, or if you need one right now for the class you’re going to in 10 minutes, you can take a scrap piece of fabric & knot that around the end!

Happy Sewing!

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