Nick’s Christmas Quilt

First, yes, you read that correctly, I’m blogging about a quilt I gave at Christmas in February.  It’s been that kind of year!

I’ve been planning quilts for my in-laws for quite some time no (I think 2 or 3 years actually…)  I gave my Mother-in-law, Donna her quilt back in April (& I really need to find that photo…. I think it’s on J’s phone….) and gave my Father-in-law, Nick his quilt this past Christmas.

Both quilts were carefully planned in that I wanted the fabric choices & design to be reflective of who they are.

Nick's Quilt

Now Nick is quite possibly the most down to earth man you’ve ever met!  He can talk to and make friends with anyone regardless of what they do or where they come from.  He may have had a white collar job in factories for the past 30 years, but he’ll be the first to tell you he’s more comfortable down in the manufacturing plant than in any conference room.

He’s also the most frugal man you’ve ever met.  Making due and fixing whatever’s around him.

Nick's Quilt

So I knew the fabric for his quilt needed to be from men’s shirts I bought at various thrift stores around town.  J & I both agreed the colors needed to be green- partly because he went to Michigan State & partly because he loves to be outside hunting & gardening.

Judy Allen's Lynn's Ferns on Nick's Quilt

The longarm design I chose was the leafy panto from Judy Allen called “Lynn’s Ferns” which I think added a nice movement to the masculine fabrics and square/rectangle shapes.

Nick's Quilt Back

And the backing had to be Michigan State fabric! (& Rizzo couldn’t resist “helping” with the binding!)

Nick was truly surprised Christmas morning to get his quilt & loved the fabrics- it was a wonderful joy to give him this quilt.

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