Tuesday Tip! Slow but Steady

Slow Progress is Better than No Progress

Today’s tip isn’t so much a tip, as it is a bit of encouragement.

If there’s ever a time of year to get “stuck,” it seems to be about now.   It’s the last Tuesday in February & at least here in Northern Virginia, it was snowing again (much to the chagrin of many of my fellow neighbors who ready for Spring!)

It’s also been long enough into the new year that you may find yourself distracted or burned out from your New Year’s Resolutions.  I know I had great plans for the early part of this year- wanting to get several UFOs completed before the baby comes, but reality is I’ve done very little to nothing on those projects.  Something else is always getting put ahead & there seems to be a hundred things on my plate that need to get done this week.  The typical tips to get out of this rut irritate me- encouraging me to “refocus” as though I need a huge priority shift.  While I’ll say yes, sometimes we do need to make large shifts, I’ve found that if I just make a small shift everyday, I can make progress.

Slow & Steady.  These are the words I need to remind myself of in these times.  Instead of looking at that box of Scrapitude pieces & thinking that top will never get pieced before April, I need to start saying “today I’ll work on 15 minutes of piecing, which I can do while dinner is baking.”  Instead of looking at that UFO that’s still not fully quilted, I need to start saying “today I’ll quilt the purple, then tomorrow the blue, etc.”

Slow & Steady.

I may not be able to get as much done in one sitting as I’d like, but little bits over time will make all the difference.

Where can you start making small changes?

(Also, did you notice the new header!!!!  Yes, slowly even the blog/website is being transitioned into something more!)

edited to add: Just found out that Darla, the Scientific Quilter will be hosting her March A Long again! This is a great support group for sewing 15 minutes a day!

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