My Favorite Quilt

I’m very excited to be a part of Sew Mama Sew’s “My Favorite Quilt” with Jessica of Quilty Habit & to share with you *my* favorite quilt!

Tell us about your favorite quilt. When did you make it? What pattern did you use? What fabrics?

Western Star by Ormond Beach Quilts

My favorite quilt has to be the Western Star!  This was actually a class I took at the Quilt Tree & the pattern is by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts.  I’ve always been drawn to star quilts & I loved how the scrappiness of this quilt made each star striking in its own way.  I used what I call “watercolor” batiks- that’s to say, batiks that don’t have a “print” so much as they appear to be hand dyed.  I love the subtle variations this brings to each piece in each individual star.  I remember standing in the quilt shop & pulling what had to be about 20 or so bolts of fabric & ruthlessly culling the choices until I only have the most vibrant fabrics remaining.  The most difficult fabric choice was finding the right light background- all the cream batiks were too muddy, yet white was too stark.  I ended up with print that looks like paint brush strokes & actually makes the dark batiks “pop!”

Have your shown it at any quilt shows or entered it in any contests?

Western Star by Ormond Beach Quilts

No- I actually haven’t shown any quilt of mine in an official show.  I should really get onto that 🙂

What memories or people does the quilt make you think of?

I think of 2006  & all the emotions I couldn’t express in any other way than through the vibrancy of these colors- living in Anchorage, Alaska, being newly married & living with a husband deployed, adjusting to life as a military spouse, listening to the daily reports of service men & women dying, taking a dear friend to the airport as she deployed, becoming physically active for the first time & biking along the Cook Inlet, hiking near Mat-Su & being in awe of the Chugach mountains, learning to kayak, quilting for the first time with fabrics I bought & thus discovering my style, focusing my mental energy on more difficult quilt patterns, accepting that quilt making was my canvas.

This was the first summer I feel like I lived in the world as an adult, where political decisions suddenly impacted my life & where I discovered I wasn’t physically awkward, & when I rediscovered my love of quilting through my own style.

What do you like best about the quilt?

Western Star by Ormond Beach Quilts

I love how every star is vibrant in of itself & yet they do not overshadow each other when combined.  It reminds me that all parts of ourselves are vibrant & they won’t overshadow each other when we let them be in their fullest.

How did you grow as a quilter while making it?

As a quilter I finally nailed cutting 60 degree angles with a regular rotary ruler & I learned the value of having a top custom quilted.  This was the first quilt I ever “sent out” to a longarmer & when I picked it up from Val (my quilter), I was stunned at how she managed to make it even more beautiful.  I fell in love with custom quilting at that moment.

If you could make this quilt again, what (if anything) would you do differently?

Western Star by Ormond Beach Quilts

I’d add another column to make it wider.  It just barely covers the top of our bed.

Where is the quilt now?

In the closet!  We use it as a summer quilt because it has a silk/cotton batting & since we’ve had a long winter, and then Teapot came, I haven’t switched out quilts yet.

I hope you liked reading about my favorite quilt, so I have to ask you now- What’s your favorite quilt?

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    1. Thank you for your kind words- it’s amazing to me all the emotions that can be wrapped up in one quilt!

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