5 Reasons Kids Should Learn How to Sew

5 Reasons why kids should learn how to sew with Ormond Beach Quilts

I love to teach sewing to kids and truly believe it should be a part of every child’s curriculum.  But since they aren’t part of an elementary students course at school, these are some of the reasons why I think parents should take the time to seek out sewing classes.

1. It’s a life skill.  Sewing is one of those skills similar to cooking that if you know it- you’re better off.  Eventually they’ll have a situation where they’ll need to sew on a button or sew a seam.  Give them the gift of knowing how to do this themselves.

2. They improve their focus.  At first it may seem daunting for an eight-year-old to press a foot pedal at just the right speed while guiding fabric through the machine all while making sure they sew a straight line, but folks they can do it- I see it in every class.  At the beginning I’ve got chatty kids who can’t wait to get started and in the end I have a room full of quiet focused sewers.  Why is this important?  Because this huge study showed that kids who can focus are more likely to have a higher degree of self control which directly impacts their future success.

3. They become empowered through learning self control.  In my classes kids use full size sewing machines- not the kid sized machines.  I don’t like these small pieces of plastic junk machines (please don’t buy these- save your $25 & go buy everyone ice cream- you’ll all have a much better experience).  However before we begin, we have a thorough safety discussion.  Most kids are nervous when they begin, so I spend time talking about self control.  I remind them that they are in control of the foot pedal & thus how fast the machine sews.  I can’t stop the machine- that’s their job, so as soon as they feel nervous at the machine, they need to stop pressing the foot pedal.  In every class I’m continually amazed at how these words empower them to be aware while they are learning to become comfortable with the sewing machine.

4. They get to make something real that’s useful.  I have two different classes that I use to introduce kids to the sewing machine- a t-shirt bag & bookmarks.  At the end of each class I can’t begin to explain to you the joy on their faces that they made something!  And then I hear about how they’re going to use that item!  The really energetic students tell me how they’re going to make more of these for their friends & give them as gifts.  For several of my students this is the first time they’ve made something they could have bought in a store & they are overwhelmed with excitement about becoming a maker.

5. They use math in real life.  This is the “sneaky” part of my classes.  We discuss measurements and fractions and area and shapes- I try very hard to use the same language they hear in math class & apply it in sewing class.  With all the testing that’s required, many teachers don’t have the time to teach how math is used, but that’s something I can teach in these classes.  One day a student looked at me & said “I kinda remember learning about this in math- so we really need to use it?”  The math nerd in my was overjoyed to be able to show her how important fractions are in life!

Convinced your child should learn to sew?  There’s still room in my classes that begin next week at Art at the Center!

8 thoughts on “5 Reasons Kids Should Learn How to Sew

  1. I agree on every point. I think there is something really special for kids about making something they can actually use that really boosts self-esteem. And as for the math, that’s really terrific and sneaky, I hadn’t thought of that!

  2. I’d love to learn how to sew too! I agree with all of your points, and honestly number of times I regretted I don’t know how! I think I might start learning with my daughter 🙂

  3. I do not know how to sew with a machine but I can do manual stitches and I agree.. it is so important for kids and teens and adults to at least know how to sew a button.

  4. I totally agree with you. I know the basic of sewing but I wish I knew more. I’ve been thinking f buying a sewing machine but now you’ve convinced. I have no choice I need to show my kids how to use it :).

  5. I guess if kids should learn to sew than I should too. I even have a sewing machine that I can tinker around with if necessary, but none of us are even close to ‘knowing’ how to sew!

  6. This is a great blog post! I have a daughter who’s 4 and a son who is 10. My daughter loves to sit next to me and watch me when I sew! I even let her press down on the peddle once in a while, just for fun!

  7. Totally agree with so many points. Especially learning on a full size machine, the sooner they learn it’s not a toy, the better. I introduced my kids at 5,7, and 10. So important for boys too.

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