Happy New Year!

Megan & Emily Happy New Year!

As 2017 wraps up I wanted to send a “Thank you” note to everyone.  It’s been a hard year & an amazing year.   Megan is now three and attends preschool while Emily has turned one and has started walking!

Thank you for working with me as I adjusted to life as a mom of two kids.

Thank you for continuing to trust me with your quilts.

Thank you for your patience as I needed flexibility when Megan cut her chin in February & then later broke her leg in September.

Thank you for your feedback on designs.  I’m always listening to what new styles or themes that interest my customers.

Looking ahead (now that I’m out of the deep forest of the 1st year), I’m tossing around the idea of doing some Facebook Live updates, so be sure to “like” Ormond Beach Quilts.  I also plan to release a few more quilting patterns now that I *think* I have some time in the evenings!

I look forward to 2018 with open arms.  I’m eager to continue longarming for you & watch my girls grow.

Thank you for being with me on this journey.  Let’s go forward together & finish quilts!

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