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Shamrocks hearts detail

Anne’s 9-Patch Quilt

Anne brought me this beauty to quilt recently!  The simple 9-patch is her go-to pattern that is lovely in its simplicity.

Shamrock hearts 9-patch

She requested a shamrock quilting design as the recipient is of Irish heritage.

Shamrocks hearts detail

I used white thread so you’d see the impression of the quilting & not SEE the quilting.

Its a beautiful quilt sure to bring joy!

Good Fortune Clue #1

Clue 1 I decided at the last minute to jump in & participate in Bonnie Hunter’s annual mystery quilt.  The last few years have revealed striking quilts that made me wish I had joined in (or at least downloaded the files), even though it wasn’t practical for me. 

I’m not sure it’s practical this year but it seems fun & Fort Worth Fabric Studio had “stash builder kits” which came with a variety of fabrics in Bonnie’s color way that required you to only add a few fabrics from your stash. Bonnie gives out the color way around Halloween and references paint chips from Lowe’s or a quilters color tool for guidance. Lowe’s is not convenient to me & surprisingly enough I don’t own the color tool, so the kit seemed like an easy way for me to realistically participate. I did need to buy some more fabrics. This year calls for quite a bit of orange that I don’t have in my stash, so I rounded out the kit after a visit to Fabric Place Basement (one of my new favorite local fabric stores). 

Clue #1 was revealed on Black Friday & consisted of making a boatload of 4-patches in red & neutral fabrics.  Neutrals are always difficult for me to choose & I end up choosing all white on white or all cream or all gray- it’s difficult for me to mix them, even though I know the mixing adds more texture and interest in a quilt. This made me grateful for the kit as they chose several neutrals I never would have & thus helped me stretch. The 4-patches went quickly, despite there being so many.  I followed Bonnie’s directions to the letter & learned the new technique of cutting the 4-patches together, definitely a technique I will carry over to other projects. 

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