About Robin

Hi!  I’m Robin & I live in West Springfield, Virginia with my husband (J), our daughter (Teapot) & our 2 cats (Rocco & Rizzo) in a cozy townhome where I cook, knit, read too much & professionally longarm quilts.

I love quilting, and I really love machine quilting on my longarm!  I love taking a quilt off the frame and being awed at seeing it come to life!  With the right design and thread choice, a simple or even “ugly” quilt can be transformed.

I took my first official quilting class when I was 8- although I can’t remember when I wasn’t either next to my mom or in her lap at the sewing machine. Sometime in Junior High I remember seeing a longarm for the first time on a quilting show- I knew that’s what I wanted to do & eventually I’d get there!  Fast forward in my life & my reality is that I never stopped quilting & I never stopped dreaming about becoming a longarm quilter.

In 2009 we purchased my first longarm & it’s been an adventure everyday since!  I now specialize in edge-to-edge quilting on my APQS Millennium longarm where I help quilters finish their quilts.  I understand the time & money you’ve put into your quilts & I treat every one like it’s my own.  If you’d like to talk to me about longarming your quilts, please email or call me at 402.332.1492

I also enjoy sharing my quilting knowledge through my “Tuesday Tips” and various Tutorials to help quilters on their journey.  Have a burning question about quilting?  Stumped on how to do something?  Let me know what it is & I’ll work on answering it!

So please take a look at some of my personal quilts and customer quilts & know I’d love to be a part of your quilting journey.