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Neighborhood trees

Friday Musings

Well yesterday started off with a bang- my husband and oldest were sick, and the little one (who is teething) decided it was the day to begin potty training.  Needless to say no quilting was accomplished. 

Neighborhood creek

During the witching hour when the little one was going stir crazy, I took her out for a walk around the neighborhood for some fresh air.  We’ve lived in this house for 4 years now (how is that possible!?!) and my breathe is still taken away by the lovely trees.  

Neighborhood trees

After the girls finally went to bed I started a new scarf. I don’t have a good mindless carry around project & I’ve been itching for an easy crochet project.

JoAnn’s scarf

I found this pattern, JoAnn’s Scarf, in a book from my library, Crochet One-Skein Wonders.  I picked up the yarn at Yarn Cloud, a new-to-me local yarn shop.  So far it’s exactly what I wanted- I quickly internalized the pattern & I’m able to just crochet. I made it a little wider than the pattern calls for.  My plan is to crochet until the yarn runs out, sew the ends together and make a cowl. I recently discovered I prefer cowls to scarves for their snuggliness & stay puttedness.

It looks like a dreary, rainy weekend in northern Virginia, so I’ll be here crocheting, potty training & taking care of sick folks. Hopefully some time at the long arm will happen too!


I finished Teapot’s hat yesterday & have a picture of the hat for my friend’s baby:


It’s a free pattern from Gros.  I used Fortissima Socka for my friend’s hat & Dream in Color Smooshy (colorway Go Go Grassy) for Teapot’s & size US 1.5 & 2 needles.  I made the 6 month size for my friend & 2 years for Teapot.  (I knit quite tightly & she must knit very loosely.  Or Teapot just has a huge head.  She probably just has a huge head.)

Here it is on Teapot.  It’s even cuter in person.  (But isn’t it crazy how well the 2 years old size hits her!  I guess I could check the gauge…..)

Megan hat Megan Aldi

It was very addictive to knit.  I could make another.  But all my yarn is at the new house & it’s really cold out.

Ok, well it’s not as cold as some parts of the country (-30 wind chill!  Yikes!), but it’s pretty cold for Virginia so we’re going to be lazy & stay home.

And once I’ve finished knitting the dress for Teapot I’ve got started, perhaps I should pack the kitchen.  Sheesh I hate packing kitchens.  They’re the worst.  Worse than studios full of fabric & yarn.  Fabric & yarn can just be thrown in boxes & you don’t have to worry about anything breaking.  Kitchen stuff is breakable & oddly shaped.

Random Thoughts on Tuesday Morning

– We’re in the middle of moving to our new house & my studio is now at the other house.
– It’s snowing & generally nasty today.  Since NOVA folks aren’t the most adept at winter driving, we’re staying in today.  This means I’m knitting (& apparently blogging.)
– I’ve almost finished a cute hat for Teapot.  I first made one for a friend’s baby & it was so addictive, I had to cast on a second immediately.

– Back to moving, I really dislike moving
– After moving the studio twice in 18 months I’ve realized…
– I have a lot of quilts that need to be quilted
– I have a lot of quilts I’m in the middle of piecing
– I have a lot of sewing projects (this one surprised me.  I didn’t think I was much of a sewer.  Clearly there’s disconnect between my thoughts & reality.)
– In general I have too much stuff
– Therefore things are quickly leaving the studio

Would anyone be interested in a giveaway of some patterns & threads?

Weekend Wrap-Up & Other Stuff

Whew!  That was a busy couple of weeks!

We had a friend to visit, so between prepping for that & Holy Week at church, there went some time.  I did manage to plant some potatoes on Good Friday (per an Old Wive’s Tale).  Here’s my first planting:

Our friend (who’s always up for trying something new), didn’t mind helping me figure out how to setup this “urban gardening method” of potato planting.  (She’s such a sport!)

Then I’ve been finishing some knitting projects.  My knitting bag is overflowing, so I took some time to finish projects:
A bunny made from leftover bamboo yarn:

A dish scrubbie from leftover cotton yarn:

A swiffer cloth from more leftover cotton yarn:

And I’m *almost* done with a cardigan I started when I got my wisdom teeth out last year- just need to block the collar- then I’ll post some pics.

But where’s the quilting?  After all, this is a quilting blog!  I know, I know.  Those pics with be uploaded shortly, stayed tuned for those posts!

The Week Without Photos

I really was productive this week.

I knitted a baby set for a friend. It was pink & snuggly & cute. But I forgot to take a photo.

I quilted a Christmas quilt for another friend. It was holidayish & fun. But I forgot to take a photo.

Then yesterday was “Sew Day” for my guild in which I had a “backing party” (i.e. me & lots of yards of fabric focusing on the math to make backings large enough for all those quilt tops I’ve made but can’t quilt because I’m missing an integral part of the puzzle because backing math confounds me to no end). I don’t have any photos of the backings (not really very interesting), but I did bring Potato Leek Soup for the potluck, & I forgot to take a photo of that too.

Note to self: Goal for this week: work on taking photos!

Anyways, here is the recipe for Potato Leek Soup. (Just imagine potatoes & leeks in a warm broth.) I’ve been making this since college. It’s super easy & very filling. This has been a hit wherever I bring it & is perfect for those upcoming chilly days.

Potato Leek Soup
1 Onion
2 Leeks
3 Medium Potatoes
1/4 c. Butter
5 cups Chicken Broth
Salt & pepper

– Dice onion & potatoes.
– Slice leeks down the center, wash the insides, chop finely.
– Melt butter in skillet. (Don’t skimp here, the butter adds lots of flavor.)
– Cook onion, potatoes & leeks until tender.
– Place mixture in crock pot.
– Pour chicken broth on top.
– Genereously season with salt & pepper.
– Cook on High 3-4 hrs or Low 6-8 hrs.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the last post about podcasts! I’ve finally caught up with Pam at Hip to Be a Square & and am now listening to Sandy at Quilting for the Rest of Us. As I keep finding new podcasts, I’ll share them here with everyone!

Have a wonderful week!

Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Start A Project On Vacation

1. I brought the wrong size needles- again. They are waaaay too big for this project & last time the needles were too small! Sheesh! I can’t win!
2. Not enough yarn for said project (so I guess having the wring needle size is a moot point)
3. No matter how easy the pattern looks under normal circumstances, once in vacation my brain will leave me & even doing garter stitch will be difficult.

Not to mention I’m on a “working” vacation in a place that’s hot as hell on a good summer day, so it looks like I’ll be reading the incredible fluff novels I brought! (I actually brought 4- I think my conscience knew knitting wasn’t going to happen 😉

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A Weekend of Little Bits

As most of you know, I do a lot of knitting. I’ve also been knitting for a very long time. Mostly this means that there’s a lot of yarn wherever I live. There are also lots of ‘little bits’ of yarn leftover.

Thus weekend I decided to use up ‘some’ of those little bits.

Here we have a doll’s hat made from some lace weight yarn:

From that same skein here’s A pair of doll slippers:

(I swear made 2, but I forgot to put them in my knitting bag when I went to sleep, so 1 has become a cat toy. Grrrrrrr)

This headband was a nice refresher of Entrelac knitting (as well of a reminder of how much I dislike Noro Kureyon yarn):

Here’s another dolls hat & slippers from some Australian yarn:

And finally, I kitchnered the heels of my Dr. Suess socks:

So that was 3 skeins used up in one weekend- not too bad, but i will need a long time to make a dent in my stash!

But now my fun weekend of goofing off is over & back to quilting I go!

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Sewing, Knitting & Quilting

It’s been another random week here at Casa de Craft.

I made another bag I’m really happy with:

(fancy pocket inside)
These bags are addictive. I want to make more!!! I’m getting all sorts of ideas. It doesn’t help that Saturday evening I got some great inspiration for bags as well.
Of course I’ve done some knitting. This is my Ravelympics sweater all blocked. I sorta didn’t do a gauge swatch. I sorta forgot I was working with alpaca which grows like a 2 year old. So it didn’t exactly turn out like I had imagined it would. Not incredibly in love with it, but I have to keep reminding myself it was just supposed to be a nice comfy cardigan to wear.
See that quilt in the background?
Here’s a close up:
Anything wrong?
Yeah, I’m missing one lousy lime green square. I really don’t want to go buy another fat quarter to fill this in, but I think I’ll break down & do it. Amazingly enough I don’t have any lime green batik scraps around the studio.
Maybe I’ll just buy some more pink as well as make it larger. That’s an idea……

Ravelympics 2010

I participated in this year’s Ravelympics! I missed the last summer Olympics & when it came down to it, I thought I wouldn’t be able to this time either. (I know, I know, me- not able to find time to knit??? Huh?)
But things are very busy over here & I’m focusing more on quilting so something has to give. And that would be knitting.
Towards the end of the Olympics however I felt really bad b/c I was on a team (Team Carry Around KAL) & we were even knitting a team project & I hadn’t done 1 purl stitch.
So I decided to put aside Feather Quilting Bootcamp (oh yes, I’m really doing that. Badly, but participating) & do some knitting.
Here’s the team project I made:
Robin’s Egg Blue Hat. Very cute. Very quick. Here’s my medal for competing in the Hat Half-Pipe:
Since I was on a roll knitting I decided to get out that cardigan I started in December that I stopped when I needed more yarn.
Here it is:
(Don’t judge a sweater by it’s pre-blocked pic please, I know it looks bad, trust me, it’s blocking now & I will take pics again & you will see how nice it is.)
Loosely based on Stefanie Japel’s Double-Breasted Cardigan Jacket. Very loosely based.
And here’s my medal for completing a WIP! (work in progress):

I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself. Now I must put knitting away & focus on other things.
Really, I need to put the knitting down.
Well, maybe just one more row on my socks…….

The Attention Span of a Gnat

I think that’s the best way to sum up the weekend.

Friday Night:
I started making pillowcases during the Create-a-thon. Another great thing about Create- I truly love that they have a sewing machine there for anyone to use. I really don’t like dragging my heavy sewing machine around. Somehow though in a span of 6 hours, I only made 3. Something was wrong here, 1 pillowcase shouldn’t take 2 hours.

– I started organizing my class handouts & such. Didn’t finish that.
– Started making more pillowcases (these things are addictive. They are too freaking simple & use up lots of fabric.) But I didn’t actually MAKE any pillowcases. I just prepped. Which means I cut lots of pieces of fabric & didn’t put any together.
– Made an apron from a skirt I found a Goodwill. It came out pretty darn cute! I will be teaching a class on this at Create in March, come take the class & have a cute apron too.

– Messed around with the quilt on my frame, but didn’t actually do any quilting
– Assembled 13 pillowcases & prepped who knows how many more. I might actually have to go buy some fabric, but that’s ok. If it’s in the pursuit of fabric eventually leaving the house, it’s all good.
– Knit some of my left sleeve on a cardigan I’ve been working on since December.
– Completely ignored the poor Sunflower quilt
– Started some of the paperwork that is involved in owning a small business & put it right back in a pile.
– Gave the cats a bath w/ J. That was traumatic. Thank goodness we don’t have to do that for another 6 months.

Now I’m somewhere between organizing classes, doing paperwork & planning the garden. Boy there are lots of tomatoes to choose from….