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do.good stitches for June

My do.good stitches bee is done! I finished them this past Saturday morning during an open sewing meetup for my mom’s group in my studio.

June do.good stitches by Ormond Beach Quilts

This month we were instructed to use the Quarter Log Cabin blocks tutorial by Red Pepper Quilts.

We were also instructed to make 3 blocks & to add one additional row to make them 8″ square.

Our color palette was yellows, oranges, reds and pinks .  From my strip scrap bins I dug out enough for a pink, yellow & red block.

I used white on white prints in the blocks as I discovered I didn’t have any fabrics that were mostly white with bits of yellow, pink or red.  I think the effect is still there though & it’s a scrap quilt, so while this is a controlled scrappy quilt, I think it still works.

I can’t wait to see how the quilt comes out with everyone’s blocks!

You can check out May’s final quilt on our group’s Flickr page!

June’s Quilt of Valor

A week or two ago, I pulled another Quilt of Valor off the longarm:

Quilt of Valor longarmed by Ormond Beach Quilts

I believe this was pieced by Anna D. & I’m not sure of the pattern, but it looks like it’s comprised of 4, 5″ squares.

  • One is in the center.
  • Two have been cut in half to make 2.5″x5″ rectangles which are placed around the center square.
  • The last 5″ square is cut into 4, 2.5″ squares which are then placed in the corners.

Quilt of Valor longarmed by Ormond Beach Quilts
I used the Zebra quilting design again & love how it looks!

Quilt of Valor longarmed by Ormond Beach Quilts
Zebra by Hermoine Agee, 8"

Rachel’s Patriotic Star Table Runner

Rachel S. recently finished her version of the Patriotic Star Table Runner & was gracious enough to share pictures with me!

Rachel's Patriotic Star Table Runner. Pattern by Ormond Beach Quilts

Rachel’s Patriotic Star Table Runner.

She used Bunny Hill Design’s Celebration fabric by Moda.

Rachel's Patriotic Star Table Runner.  Pattern by Ormond Beach Quilts

Rachel’s Patriotic Star Table Runner.

Isn’t it perfect for summer?  I love the sailboats!

Also, take a close look at her quilting.  She did very simple quilting on this runner- just “Stitch in the Ditch” around the stars & then in the border she quilted straight lines.

Rachel's Patriotic Star Table Runner.  Pattern by Ormond Beach Quilts

Rachel’s Patriotic Star Table Runner.

Many times I show fancy quilting here, but this is a great example of how sometimes fancy quilting isn’t needed or necessary.

I also know that this was part of a UFO competition for her & sometimes simple is better because it helps us finish our projects faster instead of getting caught up in planning “Over the Top Quilting.”

Again, I want to say a special thank you to Rachel for sharing these pictures & encouraging us to work simply so we can finish & enjoy our projects!

Also, you can purchase a copy of this pattern in my Etsy shop!

A Charmed Life: A 5” Square Pattern

A Charmed Life- a FREE Quilt pattern from Ormond Beach Quilts

A Charmed Life, a 5” square pattern is perfect for using up those precut squares in your stash.  Raise your hand if you are like me & have more 5” squares than you can handle!

I designed this several years ago for a class I taught & decided it was high time this became a pattern available to my readers.

A Charmed Life- a FREE Quilt pattern from Ormond Beach Quilts
This is a great pattern for using your stash.  Because well, you know, most of us quilters might have more stash than we know what to do with!  Whether you decide to use many fabrics of a single color, or focus on brights, reproductions or just random scraps- this quilt will highlight the beauty in all the fabrics you’ve purchased over the years.

I like to precut 5” squares as I finish projects & store them in old shoe boxes.  When I have more than I can handle, I start a scrap quilt!  

I’ve written this pattern in two sizes: 61″x61″ for a generous lap size & 97″x97″ for a queen size, so this is flexible for your needs.

A Charmed Life- a FREE Quilt pattern from Ormond Beach Quilts
This pattern also uses 5″ squares, or charms for the main fabrics & the corner pieces are 2.5″ squares- so if you have access to an Accuquilt machine with a 5″ die, you can cut these fabrics in no time!

Again, this pattern is available from Craftsy for $3.  Thank you for supporting indie designers!

VAT Update

If you remember I posted back in December about the VAT “to do” that was impending.

(Quick recap, the EU was going to make me file & keep track of a lot of tax info for every country that had a citizen buy a digital download from me.  I opted to not sell any digital pattern to an EU citizen.

Well we can have a party now because Etsy has figured out how to keep track of this for small businesses like me so guess what folks??

Yes!  I now have patterns available for sale on Etsy!

These are digital downloads with immediate access- just like with my Craftsy patterns, only through Etsy I’m able to sell to EU citizens.

Thank you so much for being patient with me through this- I’m so glad Etsy worked out a solution that enables us pattern writers to get back to business!

VAT and All That Stuff

Stacks of coins with the letters VAT isolated on white background

So I’m assuming you’ve heard the news about the new VAT rules that go into effect on Jan 1.

Oh, you haven’t heard?  Well let me do a quick recap.

The EU says all EU citizens must pay VAT on all digital downloads.  This includes quilt patterns that little ole designers like me sell through Craftsy & Etsy.

We must collect this VAT & file it quarterly with each individual country at their rate & keep those documents for 10 years.

If we don’t do that we can risk not being able to visit those countries in the future.

Plainly speaking, this sucks.

I tried to ignore it, but you know, there’s the reality that I really would like to visit London & the Black Forest & Rome & Vienna one day & I like to consider myself a law abiding person.

I *think* I may have attempted to sit down & research this to see even how to do this, but honestly folks I have an 8 month old & this is truly a small business.  It honestly doesn’t make business sense for me to file/keep records/take the risk when such a small portion of my business sells to the EU.

So this is what’s going to happen.  As of now I’m only selling my digital patterns to US folks through Craftsy.  If you are a non-EU citizen & you’d like to purchase my patterns, contact me & I can charge your credit card & send you the electronic file.  If you’re an EU citizen & you really want my patterns, contact me & so far (as of 12/31/14) I can charge your credit card & mail you a hard copy.

I hope this will work for all my non-US customers & hope that Paypal/Craftsy/EU Governments quickly come to an agreement that enables small indie sellers like myself to easily & legally sell digital downloads to EU citizens.

In the meantime, may you never run out of bobbin thread!


What an amazing year this was!

  • I had a baby
  • I started selling my patterns
  • I started teaching kids how to sew through collage & improv sewing…
  • We bought a house…
  • I grew my longarming business…
  • We started moving…
  • I think somewhere in there I quilted 3 personal UFOs… (make that 4 actually.  Yeah, I’ll blog about the other 2 eventually!)

Whew!  That was a lot!

I’m very excited about 2015!

  • We’ll finish moving (yay!!!!)
  • I’ll have a new studio space (it’s be-oooo-tiful!)
  • A mobile baby (yikes!)
  • New patterns to publish (exciting!)
  • Will begin teaching private lessons (yay!  One long term goal finally achieved!)
  • Will continue teaching kids thru Art at the Center (this makes my heart happy)

I can’t thank you enough for all your support this year- new clients who trusted me with their quilts, those who purchased patterns from me and those who kept reading this blog even while I posted intermittently.  Your support means so much to me & I can’t wait for what 2015 brings!



Christmas Star Wall Hanging Pattern for Sale

My second pattern is now for sale on Craftsy!   Thank you to everyone who has already purchased my first pattern, the Patriotic Star Runner!  The success of that pattern gave me the much needed *umph* to prepare this pattern for sale.

Christmas Star Wall Hanging by Ormond Beach Quilts
You may remember this star quilt from last year– I had so much fun quilting the feathers!  But this is really a great pattern for a beginning quilter since it uses only half square triangles & squares to construct the star.  I did throw in partial seams for the border, but I promise the directions hold your hand through it, although nothing says you have to do the borders the way the pattern directs!

Christmas Star Wall Hanging by Ormond Beach Quilts

I love this quilt for the fact that it’s a beautiful holiday piece, yet it’s traditional enough to keep up all year.  You can also change it up & use a charm pack or 5″ scraps from your stash and this would make a great baby quilt!

Christmas Star Wall Hanging by Ormond Beach Quilts
This Christmas Star Wall Hanging pattern will be available until the end of August for $2- so don’t miss out out- there’s plenty of time to make this before the holidays are here!



Easy Patriotic Star Table Runner Pattern

Easy Patriotic Star Table Runner by Ormond Beach Quilts

Let’s talk about designing quilts.  I probably design half of all the quilts I make for various reasons- most of the time though they are for the classes I teach.

When I’m teaching I like to emphasis only one or two new elements at a time.  I find this works best when teaching adults in the evenings- everyone’s had a busy day with work and family and life & let’s be honest- quilting is supposed to be fun.

For that reason I found myself creating lots of home decor type patterns- they are small in size, yet large enough to let the quilter experiment with the new technique.

Easy Patriotic Star Table Runner by Ormond Beach Quilts

This is one of my favorite patterns- The Easy Patriotic Star Table Runner.  I love this pattern because it looks like a complicated star that requires y-seams, yet in reality this is a great way for quilters to practice their precision piecing through flying geese and half square triangles.  And with only 3 blocks, you can finish this in time for the holiday weekend!

Easy Patriotic Star Table Runner by Ormond Beach Quilts

This pattern is now on sale at Craftsy & is on sale through July 4th for $2.00!  As with all my patterns I include lots of diagrams to help the beginning quilter on their journey.

If you make this , please email me a photo at I’ve love to see your version!