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Good Fortune Clue #1

Clue 1 I decided at the last minute to jump in & participate in Bonnie Hunter’s annual mystery quilt.  The last few years have revealed striking quilts that made me wish I had joined in (or at least downloaded the files), even though it wasn’t practical for me. 

I’m not sure it’s practical this year but it seems fun & Fort Worth Fabric Studio had “stash builder kits” which came with a variety of fabrics in Bonnie’s color way that required you to only add a few fabrics from your stash. Bonnie gives out the color way around Halloween and references paint chips from Lowe’s or a quilters color tool for guidance. Lowe’s is not convenient to me & surprisingly enough I don’t own the color tool, so the kit seemed like an easy way for me to realistically participate. I did need to buy some more fabrics. This year calls for quite a bit of orange that I don’t have in my stash, so I rounded out the kit after a visit to Fabric Place Basement (one of my new favorite local fabric stores). 

Clue #1 was revealed on Black Friday & consisted of making a boatload of 4-patches in red & neutral fabrics.  Neutrals are always difficult for me to choose & I end up choosing all white on white or all cream or all gray- it’s difficult for me to mix them, even though I know the mixing adds more texture and interest in a quilt. This made me grateful for the kit as they chose several neutrals I never would have & thus helped me stretch. The 4-patches went quickly, despite there being so many.  I followed Bonnie’s directions to the letter & learned the new technique of cutting the 4-patches together, definitely a technique I will carry over to other projects. 

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Happy New Year!

Megan & Emily Happy New Year!

As 2017 wraps up I wanted to send a “Thank you” note to everyone.  It’s been a hard year & an amazing year.   Megan is now three and attends preschool while Emily has turned one and has started walking!

Thank you for working with me as I adjusted to life as a mom of two kids.

Thank you for continuing to trust me with your quilts.

Thank you for your patience as I needed flexibility when Megan cut her chin in February & then later broke her leg in September.

Thank you for your feedback on designs.  I’m always listening to what new styles or themes that interest my customers.

Looking ahead (now that I’m out of the deep forest of the 1st year), I’m tossing around the idea of doing some Facebook Live updates, so be sure to “like” Ormond Beach Quilts.  I also plan to release a few more quilting patterns now that I *think* I have some time in the evenings!

I look forward to 2018 with open arms.  I’m eager to continue longarming for you & watch my girls grow.

Thank you for being with me on this journey.  Let’s go forward together & finish quilts!

Meet Emily! (And I’m Back at Work!)

Meet Emily!

This little bundle of joy joined our family on October 26, 2016!

It’s been an amazing adventure so far!  Some of her favorite things include:
– nursing
– nursing
– sleeping only while being held
– dreaming about nursing while sleeping 😉

We’re incredibly blessed everything has gone so well!  So well in fact that I’ll be accepting quilts again beginning Friday, November 18th.  If you have a quilt you’d like done in time for the holidays, please reach out to me as soon as possible so I can put you on my schedule!



News & Updates

Quick news update for everyone!

Things are going along merrily over here at Ormond Beach Quilts.  Here are some big items to take note of:

  1. I’ve added an Intelliquilter computerized quilting system to my APQS longarm.  This was a large decision to make but one I feel is best for my business & family.  For the past 4 years I’ve specialized in hand-guided edge-to-edge & custom quilting & I loved every minute of it!  I feel that this is the right time to transition to computerized edge-to-edge quilting as our little family of three will soon be four!
  2. Yes!  You did read that correctly!  We are expecting our second daughter in November!  We are over the moon with excitement!
  3. So, what about the business then?  Will I still be longarming?  YES!  The last day I will accept quilts will be on October 1.  I will begin working again on Thanksgiving so I will still be able to help you finish your holiday quilted gifts!
  4. You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging as much & I’m not sure how much I will be doing in the future, HOWEVER, I am active on posting to my Facebook & Instagram pages, so I encourage you to follow me on those sites for the latest updates, pictures of quilts & of course, baby pictures!
  5. I do understand not everyone is on social media, so I’m also starting a newsletter.  If you’d like to be added, please fill out the form below or the form on the sidebar of my website:

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Lastly, thank you so much for all of your support this year!  I’ve had a wonderful time helping you finish those stacks of quilts & I can’t wait to quilt some more!