Preparing Your Quilt

Preparing Your Quilt:

I am honored that you entrust me to quilt your quilts & in order for me to guarantee the highest quality in the end, please consider the following as you prepare your quilt.

– Please prepare a backing & batting that has at least 4 extra inches on all sides.  So if your quilt top is 20″x20″, your backing should be 28″x28″.
– Wavy borders do not quilt out.  To make sure your quilt lies flat, here are a few tutorials on how to correctly attach borders:
How to Measure & Sew Butted Borders to a Quilt
Quiltville’s Border Hints
– Please press your quilt so that the seams lie flat.
Please trim the thread ends.
– If you do not have a border on your quilt, please “stay stitch” 1/8″ from the edge around the entire quilt. This ensures the seams will not come apart.
– I highly recommend you pre-wash your backing- *especially* if it is a batik fabric.
– If the quilt top &/or backing is directional, please mark the top & bottom with safety pins & a note.
– I use the same color of thread on the top & in the bobbin, so please take that into consideration when choosing a backing.