Pricing Details:
Standard Pricing:
Regular “Edge to Edge” or Pantograph Quilting: $0.02/sq inch
Dense “Edge to Edge” or Pantograph Quilting: (These are marked with a “D”) $0.025/sq inch
Minimum charge: $50/quilt
Thread: So Fine by Superior Threads: $5/quilt
Extras/Optional Add-Ons:
Trimming Quilt: $5/quilt
Batting:  90″ Warm & Natural 100% Cotton: $0.31/linear inch
Batting: 96″ Pellon 80/20:

Batting: 96″ Pellon Black 80/20:

Batting: 90″ Warm & White 100% Cotton:

$0.21/linear inch

$0.21/linear inch

$0.34/linear inch

Attaching premade binding to front only (you hand sew): $0.15/inch
Attaching & hand sewing premade binding: $0.25/inch

The main quilting charge is based off of the total square inches of your quilt top multiplied by the quilting charge ($0.02 or $0.025).

For example:
A 70″x80″ quilt that has a regular edge-to-edge design: 70x80x0.02=$112
A 70″x80″ quilt that has a dense edge-to-edge design: 70x80x0.025=$140

Note! Quilts are quilted in the order they are received. If your quilts requires a quick turnaround there will be a 15% rush charge added to the invoice.