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J’s Christmas Quilt

I was looking at my quilt photos & realized I didn’t blog about J’s Christmas quilt for 2012!
For the past 2 Christmas’, I’ve made J a special quilt with distinct custom quilting. For the 2012 quilt, he actually noticed the pattern in a magazine when we were at a quilt shop. I was busy picking out other fabrics & before I knew it, there was a pile of fabric bolts next to me & him smiling saying “I want a quilt with these fabrics!” He had found a modern pattern (that I basically completely changed) that he chose batiks for (big surprise about the batiks if you know J).

I was able to piece it at a quilt retreat with friends back in June of 2012 & then it sat on the shelf. Then about December 22 I realized I didn’t have a quilt for him, so I dug the top out & grabbed some Hawaiian fabric for the backing.

Since I wanted to create a secondary pattern with the quilting, I pulled out my circle templates & quilted radiating circles in a random pattern. It was so much fun to just plop a template on the quilt & have at it!

And best of all- he loved the quilt & the circle design!

Coupon Holder

This is our previous coupon holder:

Wait, it gets better:

Kinda pathetic, right?

I’ve been meaning to make a new one for ages, it just always got bumped down on the “to do” list.  That & I never found a pattern I was in love with.  There was always something wrong with it- too short, not enough pockets, pockets in the wrong places, difficult to use, tedious directions (this is just a coupon holder after all- I’m not making an award winning quilt here)- point is- there was always an excuse & it just never got done.  (Kinda similar to the story about the shoemaker whose family doesn’t have any shoes….)

Until recently when I had a coupon explosion & realized a new holder was now an immediate need.

So I dug through patterns & found a this from Legacy Patterns that I won at a door prize at a quilting retreat.

The overall directions seemed a little tedious, but that day I didn’t care- it had to basic elements I wanted, so there- decision made.

I grabbed two fat quarters I liked (I love the turquoise/orange combo) & set out to make this.

It was surprisingly easier than I anticipated & maybe took me 2 hours?

Overall I love it!  There are plenty of pockets for loyalty & gift cards, & the long pocket for coupons is perfect.

Between the quilts I give away & the quilts for customers, it’s nice to make something usable for us for a change.

Pink & Green Baby Quilt with Swirls

Remember this baby quilt?

It’s all finished now!

I opted for an apple green minky on the back.  Minky is super soft & just delightful!

To add to the texture assortment I used pink satin for the binding.  This was also my first time to experiment with machine binding that went from back to front.  It turned out great & I think that will be my machine binding method.

For the quilting I practiced 3’s & E’s.  I learned this in a class with Rebecca Segura.  I think it was perfect for this quilt!

Purple Hopscotch

A few years ago I pieced this Hopscotch quilt top using purple batiks:

I finally got around to quilting it recently.
When I quilt personal quilts, everything I do is an experiment in which I try out new designs or work to improve other patterns- but I usually always custom quilt them.

On this quilt I decided to try out a “coffee bean” meander in the outer border & a double loop in the inner border. For the center I opted for an overall swirl pattern.

I’m very pleased with out it came out!

Stay at Home Round Robin, Part 1

My quilt guild is having a “Stay at Home Round Robin” challenge this year.  This month our center block was due.

I decided to give myself some additional challenges (you know, b/c there’s nothing else going on in my life at the moment) that included the entire quilt had to be made from my stash.  So I decided to use my some of my enormous stash of batiks.

It was actually more challenging to come up with a center block than I anticipated.  Let’s also add in I did this under some pressure as our meeting was Tuesday evening at 7pm (an hours drive away for me) & I started at 3pm that day.  And when I say started, I mean I started thinking about what I was going to make……(and yes, a dear friend predicated that was going to happen & she nailed it.  Again. 🙂

Given that I didn’t know what the remaining borders were going to entail (we would draw a different one each month from a pot of suggestions), I wanted to do something that kept my color choices open.  That meant something with a lot of color.

After trolling my modern quilting board on Pinterest, I ran across the flying geese in a circle paper piecing template.  It was perfect.

I really like how I was able to make a color wheel out of my stash.  Who knew I had so many different batiks!

Next month’s challenge is to use some half square triangles.  I’ll just think about that in June. 🙂

Progress on a UFO

I’m working away on my Flower Applique quilt & wanted to give you a small pic of some of the quilting I’ve chosen.

I’m doing a mix of continuous curves (in the green blocks) & pumpkin seeds in the neutral blocks throughout the border.  So far the borders look amazing & I’m very happy with how this quilt is turning out!

I’m also using King Tut Sands of Time thread- this blends amazingly well with my batik & adds a nice bit of “pop” to my green blocks.

You may wonder why I chose the fancier quilting for the neutral blocks while using a neutral thread.  My answer, I wanted you to feel the texture in the background.  I didn’t want it to hit you in your face as soon as you looked at the quilt.  I chose the CC (continuous curves) for the green blocks because I wanted to add movement to the quilt.  This is a fairly plain border & the applique is of nice round flowers & leaves & I wanted to soften the harsh green.

Can’t wait to show you more!!

Batik BOM, Block 12

We’re here, this is it!

And we have, starting in top left, moving clockwise:
– Pinwheels
– Shaded Trail- must keep this block in my near memory- would love to make a quilt of these squares!
– Single Irish

Now all I have to do is the borders! Wohoo! I always get incredibly excited at this moment in a quilt like this. After all this work, it feels like the borders will be nothing. However, I know that’s not true. Borders are never as easy as they are made out to be. This one especially. I’ve been tossing it around in my head the best way to tackle this beast- I believe I have a workable plan now & can’t wait to share it with you all!

Batik BOM, Block 11

I can’t believe I’m already at Block 11!  In some ways it seems like the journey has been looooong, in other ways, I’m shocked it almost over!

Here are the blocks, starting in upper left, moving counterclockwise
– Indian Plume- what a different block for this quilt!  I can’t wait to see what it will add to the whole picture!
– Clay’s Choice- didn’t I already do one of these?  Ah, yes, I did, back in Block 3.
– Flying Geese
– Boxed Cross
– In a Pinch- what a name!
– Flying Geese (variation)

Batik BOM, Blocks 9 & 10

I’m back working on the Batik BOM quilt top!
Month 9:

And the blocks, starting with the large block on the left, then moving clockwise.
– Gentleman’s Fancy- I messed this block up royally & had to purchase the brown & the orange due to some bad cutting.  Only a few of my corners match, but at this point, I really don’t care.
– Flying Geese- Oh look.  More flying geese
– Whirligig- at least it’s a variation of a pinwheel block!

Here’s Month 10:

This is my favorite set so far- I love all the blues, greens & yellows. Sooooo pretty together!
Here are their names, starting top left, moving clockwise
– Marlene (uhhh, yeah, wasn’t sure that was the “traditional” name for this block & it turns out in Judy Martin’s 501 Rotary Quilt Blocks it’s a Crystal Star.)
– LeMoyne Star
– Pinwheel (oh yes!  We can’t have a month without them!)
– Marge (Again, looked this up in Judy Martin’s book & she calls it a “Mosaic.”)

Alrighty, must get back to the quilting machine now!

Batik BOM, Block 8 & Update

Remember the Batik BOM I was working on in Texas?
It kind of got put aside when I got back home, but I pulled it out (before it officially became an UFO (UnFinished Object)) & am now working on it in bits & pieces.

Well, here’s the quilt so far:

Isn’t that breathtaking?
I can’t get over how fun it is & it’s only halfway done!
Here’s Block 8:

And we have (from top to bottom in columns from left to right):
– Flying Geese
– July 4 (are they serious?  July 4??  Am I the only one confused here?)
– Fair and Square (yup, that’s a good name for the block)
– Flying Geese (huh!  Who would have thought we’d see another flying geese……)
– Flying Dutchman (I’m speechless.)

Alrighty, off to work some more at the quilting machine.  I’ll be showing off some customer quilts shortly!