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J’s Christmas Quilt

I was looking at my quilt photos & realized I didn’t blog about J’s Christmas quilt for 2012!
For the past 2 Christmas’, I’ve made J a special quilt with distinct custom quilting. For the 2012 quilt, he actually noticed the pattern in a magazine when we were at a quilt shop. I was busy picking out other fabrics & before I knew it, there was a pile of fabric bolts next to me & him smiling saying “I want a quilt with these fabrics!” He had found a modern pattern (that I basically completely changed) that he chose batiks for (big surprise about the batiks if you know J).

I was able to piece it at a quilt retreat with friends back in June of 2012 & then it sat on the shelf. Then about December 22 I realized I didn’t have a quilt for him, so I dug the top out & grabbed some Hawaiian fabric for the backing.

Since I wanted to create a secondary pattern with the quilting, I pulled out my circle templates & quilted radiating circles in a random pattern. It was so much fun to just plop a template on the quilt & have at it!

And best of all- he loved the quilt & the circle design!


This past Christmas I decided to make the family cookies.  We have a standing policy that all presents exchanged must either be consumable, or handmade- these met both requirements!

They were so incredibly yummy that I knew I wanted to share the recipes with all of you!

Starting at the top of the pic, they are as follows:
Chocolate Orange Cookies
Peanut-Pecan Butter & Oatmeal Cookies
Robin’s Nests
Hazelnut Shortbread Sticks
Split Second Cookies

Happy Baking!