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Neighborhood trees

Friday Musings

Well yesterday started off with a bang- my husband and oldest were sick, and the little one (who is teething) decided it was the day to begin potty training.  Needless to say no quilting was accomplished. 

Neighborhood creek

During the witching hour when the little one was going stir crazy, I took her out for a walk around the neighborhood for some fresh air.  We’ve lived in this house for 4 years now (how is that possible!?!) and my breathe is still taken away by the lovely trees.  

Neighborhood trees

After the girls finally went to bed I started a new scarf. I don’t have a good mindless carry around project & I’ve been itching for an easy crochet project.

JoAnn’s scarf

I found this pattern, JoAnn’s Scarf, in a book from my library, Crochet One-Skein Wonders.  I picked up the yarn at Yarn Cloud, a new-to-me local yarn shop.  So far it’s exactly what I wanted- I quickly internalized the pattern & I’m able to just crochet. I made it a little wider than the pattern calls for.  My plan is to crochet until the yarn runs out, sew the ends together and make a cowl. I recently discovered I prefer cowls to scarves for their snuggliness & stay puttedness.

It looks like a dreary, rainy weekend in northern Virginia, so I’ll be here crocheting, potty training & taking care of sick folks. Hopefully some time at the long arm will happen too!

Gardening & not much Knitting

The house we purchased already had a raised garden plot in the back. This was very exciting for me, as I have always wanted a vegetable garden. So as soon as we got the house partway manageable, I started in on the garden. It’s been an incredible amount of work, but I almost have all the grass out (it went unused for several years) & then can add more topsoil. Hopefully I will get some plants in there by the weekend.

So as a result, I haven’t been doing much knitting. I did start a simple granny square afghan last week with some yarn my father-in-law gave me. It’s been the easy no-brainer project that’s kept me sane in the evenings. It’s fairly boring, but I’ll post a pic soon. I really need to finished up some socks though. The Obscuriosity KAL I participate in on Ravelry is having Round 4 shortly & it looks like some great sock patterns will make the final cut. Definately want to participate in that!