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We are at the weekend! Finally! It’s been a LONG week. But tonight we are going to have dinner at Mount Vernon & then tomorrow we’re going to the Cherry Blossom Festival on the Mall! Then Sunday we might go to Annapolis. Whew!

I do have some knitting goals though:
1. I want to finish the 1st pink skein on the granny square baby blanket
2. Sew on the cute buttons on the fake Baby Suprise Jacket
3. Finish charting the lace for the Onerva shawl.

Kayaking the Potomac

Last Saturday, Francesca & I joined the Young Professionals of Christ Church to kayak the Potomac! It was great fun! After we overcame the “put in the wrong way” & the “well isn’t this different from the way we’ve kayaked before” obstacles, we were good to go! It was on the verge of storming, so they kept us in a limited area, but it was a fun hour spent!

After that we walked around Georgetown & strolled down the C&O Canal. Francesca had a magnificent entrepreneurial idea! To rent hammocks along the canal! With it’s quite atmosphere (we almost forgot we were in the District), the shade trees & slight breeze, it beckoned naps to be had.