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Double Wedding Ring Plan

I realized part of my problem with the never-ending Double Wedding Ring was that I was thinking of it as a never ending project & not a project with lots of little parts that are ending-in-sight. So here are my small, manageable parts:

1. Finish paper piecing the 56+ arcs (yeh- that’s not never-ending)
2. Cut enough (probably about 100) bellies
3. Cut enough (probably about 100 again, minus 28 I don’t need for the outside edge) corners
4. Mark the ends & middles on the bellies
5. Mark the ends & middles on the corners
6. Sew bellies to Unit A
7. Sew corner’s to Unit A (end up w/ completed Unit A)
8. Sew corner’s to Unit B (minus the 28 for the outside edge)
9. Sew the blue ends to Unit B
10. Stabilize stitch the outside part of the 28 outside edge Unit B’s (Unit B’s complete)
11. Sew Unit A to Unit B (end up with completed blocks
12. Assemble the blocks together for a beautiful quilt top!
13. Find that perfect backing (will need about 10 yards for that!)
14. Send it off to Val-the-wonder-quilter!

Yeah, this project is definitely more do-able.

The Sad State of the Sewing Machine

So this is my wonderful sewing machine! It can do almost everything but serge! I love it! I carried it in the back seat of my little Honda Civic all the way from Texas to Alaska. It has always served me well. Until Monday night. I was happily making progress on the never ending Double Wedding Ring, when it made the noise- Ung Ung Unggggggggggg. The needle went crooked & the whole machine froze!! I waited, let it rest some & tried it again. No luck. I rethreaded the needle (which supposedly fixes 99% of all problems.) Then I went to rethread the bobbin & I saw it. A nasty, nastly mess of threads wrapped around the bobbin cage. I used the best sewing machine mechanical knowledge I posess & cleared out that area & tried sewing again. Now it wasn’t even making stitches! I had to walk away. Tuesday morning I tried again. No such luck. Tuesday night I tried again, failure again. Wednesday afternoon I took it to Chris at J&H Sewing & begged for helped. After he stopped laughing at me for the noises I tried to mimic from the sewing machine, he said he could get to it soon. So I am temporarily without my beloved sewing machine. The never ending Double Wedding Ring will be delayed a tad longer. Here’s an update on what it looks like thus far: