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The Power of a Few Minutes

We’ve all heard how you can get so much done in just a few minutes, right?
I seriously didn’t believe them until this weekend.

It was another busy weekend in our lives with a large church event I was co-hosting (picnic & small carnival) & a ton of other stuff to include going out with J for our traditional Memorial day meal at Firebirds (Firebirds is very generous to vets), meetings & enough errands to make me not enter another store for one month!

But I stole a few minutes every time I had a small break (if I didn’t fall asleep & take a nap first!) & was amazed at my accomplishments at the end!

Finished some Farmer’s Wife blocks: (forgive the crappy photos)

Finished a customer’s quilt:

& started this project: (which included figuring out the angles needed to square this- the pattern had it finishing into a decagon & I didn’t want that shape)

I’m still in shock over how much I finished over little bits of time in 4 days!

Retreat Quilting!

This past weekend I spent an amazing weekend quilting away with my friends!

These are some of the projects we accomplished:

Here’s a Farmer’s Wife block:

Here’s a quilting challenge piece from my longarm guild.  We are all piecing the same quilt & then quilting it our own way.  These will be on display at MQS this May!  This is one of my favorite exhibits- I love seeing all the different styles & inspirations the same quilt can give people!

This top was completed by a dear friend.  She’s been working on this top since the mid 90s & let me tell you- she was happy to have this done!  This was also her first quilt!  Didn’t she do a great job as a beginner?  (Note, this is a Quilt in a Day pattern)

This top was completed by another friend entirely this weekend! (Actually, in 1 day I believe!)  This will be for her grandbaby’s new twin bed.  Her plan is to quilt it with monkeys!  Isn’t that great?  What kid wouldn’t want to sleep by themself if they had a quilt like this?

Some other projects that people worked on, but I failed to take photos of (bad blogger!) were:
Farmer’s Wife quilt– yes, this friend completed all 111 blocks & was assembling the top at the retreat!!
Paper pieced lanterns– think of the oriental lanterns pieced with fun bright fabrics
– A Judy Neimeyer tablerunner
– A Crabapple Hill Sampler
– And I did a special project I can’t show photos of quite yet- but I’m sure you’ll love it!

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Farmer’s Wife!

Probably a year ago or so, I picked up a copy of the Farmer’s Wife.

If you’re not familiar with this book, it’s based on a contest held in 1922 by The Farmer’s Wife magazine asking its readers the question: “If you had a daughter of marriageable ago, would you, in the light of your own experience, want her to marry a farmer?”  About 80 or so years later, the author, Laurie Aaron Hird, designed 111 blocks inspired by these entries.

Since I live in Nebraska, it’s an understatement to say this quilt has been popular 😉  A LQS is hosting a BOM & I joined in towards the end of the program so I could get all the months at once.  (Even though it’s not even possible for me complete this or any BOM in one month, or two- I dislike BOMs- I’d rather get the entire kit at once.)  Well, needless to say it just sat in studio until my friends (who are actual farmer’s wives) gave me the push I needed to get started!

We’ve been getting together every now & then to work on the blocks.  They measure 4″ finished (so yes, that’s small.  Really small)

Here are the 1st 9 blocks:
1- Attic Windows (this was deceptively easy- I should have known…..)

2- Autumn Tints (Didn’t have my book with me when I did this, so my 4-patches are actually off!)

3- Basket (Darn machine applique- that handle was not fun!  Need to improve that skill this year!)

4- Basket Weave (Amazingly enough with all my piecing experience, I seem to be incapable of following a pattern- thus, it’s my own version of a basket weave)

5- Bat Wing (Need to read the letter that inspired this block.  It’s got to be a story)

6- Big Dipper (That’s a lot of quarter square triangles friends.)

7- Birds in the Air (Just when I was gaining my confidence on doing 4″ blocks, they throw this at us.  Yeeash.  All I can say is there was a lot of nasty language.)

8- Bouquet (Easy peasy after that last block!)

9- Box (And suddenly I forget how to do half square triangles…….)

That’s the first “month!”  Stay tuned for more tiny block goodness!