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My Niece is Getting Married!

My niece is getting married!Time to make her something pretty for her house!

After chatting with my sister I discovered her dining room colors are cranberry & tea dyed muslin.  That made me think immediately of the French General fabric lines…

Luckily one of my LQS’s had a charm pack of Rouennieres (the link is actually to the 1st line of fabric issued back in 09.  I purchased the 2nd line recently released- mostly it’s the same- you get the idea) & some coordinating fabric for a border…..

After trolling the internet for charm pack friendly table runners, I found this at the Moda Bake Shop….

Then I spent time learning how to make hexies from my 60 degree triangle.  I hope to put a tutorial on that here shortly……

Finally, I could start piecing.

Then I did some pretty quilting…..

And finally we have this:

Here’s another:

A detailed pic of the quilting:

A pic of the back to see the quilting:

Basic Quilting Recap:
In each hexie is a flower.
In each small triangle I did continuous curves
In the inner border I did a ribbon design
In the outer border I did a swirly leaf.

When I finished I knew that *I* loved it & I really hoped my niece would too!

Turns out she does!  And some of her friends! (She lives on the East Coast & I actually mailed it in time for the bridal shower.  I’m always amazed when I’m not late with a quilty present!)

So while it was fun to choose the fabrics, the pattern, learn a new technique, and play with new quilting designs, the best part is that my niece likes it too.

Now we’re waiting for the wedding- to take place this fall on the beach!  Our family is incredibly excited!

Bargello Table Runner

I just realized I never blogged about my finished Bargello Table Runner.

It was a free tutorial hosted by Katie of Katie’s Quilting Corner.

I used 2 1/2″ strips I had leftover from the Double Wedding Ring Quilt I made back in Alaska.

I quilted it first doing ruler work to create the diagonal lines for movement.  Then I did back & forth freehand squiggles to further emphasis movement.

I bound it with leftover binding from the Double Wedding Ring Quilt.

It’s much longer than Katie’s pattern called for (I think I did an entire extra set of strips) because I like long tablerunners (I personally don’t care for table runners that don’t go off the edge of the table).

It was easy & a good “no brainer” project.

Best of all it looks pretty on our table!

Linking up with Heather at Sew Modern Monday &

Upcoming Classes

I just updated the Classes page with the July schedule!

Check out the details on these great projects!

Baby Blocks.  This is a Marci Baker pattern & much easier than it looks- it’s all strip pieced!

Mr. Crab (mini quilt).  Isn’t he adorable?

Quilted Grommet Bag.  This came together so fast & I made the whole thing from scraps!

I hope you join us for these great upcoming classes!

Another Tumbling Block Quilt

I recently finished another quilt:

I’m calling this “Floating Tumbling Blocks.”  This is also from Marci Baker’s ABC 3-D Tumbling Blocks & More.  If you don’t have this book & are a quilter, I highly recommend you run out & get it NOW!  She’s got the book jam packed with fun, creative, different designs all using her strip piecing method.  You also can’t beat her detailed instructions & pictures.

I had a blast making this quilt & even more fun quilting it.  I used the “Terry’s Twist” in the tumbling blocks & a basic stipple in the black background.

Defining the Negative Space

Ta da!
Here it is!

This is my longarm guild challenge piece!

This is actually a part of a special exhibit at MQS this year.  Everyone has the same fabric & made the same pattern, but we all quilted it in our own style.

My style is very geometric & this is a great example of that.

I also like to play in the negative space.  I want to add depth & dimension to those areas & see how they can transform into new spaces, taking your eyes along new paths in a quilt.

I hope to have more pics of my fellow guild members’ pieces when MQS rolls around.  I love to see how different quilters interpret the same piece.  I have had a sneak peak at a friend’s piece & wow!  did she she do a great job!  I can’t wait to share those pics!

Pick the Path with Pansies

Last year at AQS Des Moines, I took a piecing class.

I know.
What, Robin took a piecing class??
Yes, & I think it was my first piecing class in about 4 years!

But this class wasn’t like most piecing classes.  Kathryn Schmidt was teaching “Rule-Breaking Quilts” based on her book.

I purchased this book a year or so before & couldn’t quite bring myself to work through her steps.  It was a letting go issue.  It was an “oh no, I’m going to cut fabric & mess it up & ruin it” issue.  You know, basic fear.

So when I saw she was teaching this class, I decided to jump for it & force myself to work outside the box.

I grabbed a set of fat quarters from my mom’s stash that I didn’t care about:

And was determined to conquer my fear.

Well the class was amazing.  Kathryn is an fantastic teacher- if you ever get the chance to learn from her, I say jump at the chance!  She brought an amazing display of quilts based on her “rule-breaking” method & everyone was jaw droppingly inspiring!

By the time the class ended I felt confident in my ability to cut, slash, chop & sew back together without fear & yet, still have a cohesive/balanced quilt in the end.

I went home & finished project.

Here is the end result:

Overall I’m very pleased with it, I even challenged myself to try some new free motion quilting designs!

Now I just have to add a hanging sleeve so I can have this on my wall in my studio, always reminding myself to try something new, challenge myself, and not to be afraid of a new path.

National Quilting Day Recap

Did you know?

Last Saturday, March 17 was National Quilting Day!

I had a great day celebrating!

Several quilt shops semi near me were having a 20% everything sale, so I enjoyed some podcasts on my drive to the shops.  By 9:30 I was at the first shop where I purchased this Creative Grids ruler & an Amy Butler jelly roll!  I’d heard great things about the Creative Grids rulers (clear grippy dots, finer lines for more precise cuts), & then I tried one out at the last quilting retreat– wow these are nice!  I’m going to be slowly replacing my Ofla’s.  And for that jelly roll- I know just the quilt I want to make!
Then by 9:45 I was off to the second quilt shop.  (yes, you read that correctly, 15 minutes in a quilt shop, I shop strategically.  No dilly dallying around here.)
I actually got the the 2nd shop before they opened at 10. They were nice & let me in at 9:50.   This store sells some longarm supplies, so I looked over their stock.  Nothing was what I particularly wanted or needed, so I just picked up what my friend asked me to get her & I was out the door back home by 10:10.
Then there was a bit of a non-quilty break with a visit to the library, brunch with J & grocery shopping.  Once back home though, it was all about the quilting!
I finished up the quilting a UFO that’s been hanging around for about 6 years!  Wohoo! I’m so excited! This was completely freehand w/ some ruler work.  I decided to practice my swirls on the quilt- they definitely improved by the end!  (btw, this pattern is called Four Square Blossom by Sew Be It, I added an additional row to make it more useable in our house.)
Then I went to load a customer’s quilt on the frame & realized I didn’t have the right shade for the bobbin thread, so back I went to another quilt shop!
That quilt is almost done & looks great- can’t wait to show you the finished pics!
Whew, so that was National Quilting Day!

Progress on a UFO

I’m working away on my Flower Applique quilt & wanted to give you a small pic of some of the quilting I’ve chosen.

I’m doing a mix of continuous curves (in the green blocks) & pumpkin seeds in the neutral blocks throughout the border.  So far the borders look amazing & I’m very happy with how this quilt is turning out!

I’m also using King Tut Sands of Time thread- this blends amazingly well with my batik & adds a nice bit of “pop” to my green blocks.

You may wonder why I chose the fancier quilting for the neutral blocks while using a neutral thread.  My answer, I wanted you to feel the texture in the background.  I didn’t want it to hit you in your face as soon as you looked at the quilt.  I chose the CC (continuous curves) for the green blocks because I wanted to add movement to the quilt.  This is a fairly plain border & the applique is of nice round flowers & leaves & I wanted to soften the harsh green.

Can’t wait to show you more!!

A Glimpse into Grief

Last week I discovered that a dear friend’s mother passed away from a long illness.  After I shed a few tears for her, I knew it was time to finish this project.

It started as a personal challenge to use some blue scraps from a Judy Neimeyer quilt I pieced.  (I love Judy Neimeyer’s designs, but sheesh there’s a lot of waste & scraps at the end of the day!)  I decided to make it another exercise in “free-piecing,” so I just started sewing pieces together & played around with various layouts.  Nothing inspired me.

Then a little later, we found out that our neighbor’s son was found dead in his apartment, no sign of foul play, just died of natural causes at the age of 26.  After sitting with his mother one afternoon, I came home full of emotions.  I had that nervous energy one gets & got out the pieces to this project again.  It came to me what this project needed to be.

That day, my neighbor had the realization her son wasn’t coming back.  That he truly was dead & that meant all the little interactions one doesn’t often think about won’t be happening anymore.  He will not be at Sunday dinners, he won’t be calling or texting, he won’t be leaving things at their house anymore.  It’s these situations we grieve- the loss of the future.

To me, these feelings always came with a deep, stabbing pain.  Piercing jabs that cut through my skin to my soul.  I hadn’t felt these in nearly 10 years since my mother died & I was surprised how quickly I remembered them.  I wanted to express this pain in this quilt.

So in this quilt, we have a portion of the pain.  Just a glimpse of what I was feeling.  Start at the lower left hand corner & work your way to the upper right corner.  Feel the engulfing darkness.  The swirling pain.  The innumerable short stabs that can overwhelm to the point of exhaustion.  The greater chaos the further away you travel.

This is my grief.

Bloggers’ Quilt Festival, Fall 2011!

The Bloggers’ Quilt Festival is back!  Wohoo!  I participated a few years ago, and I’m back again!
This quilt is for Elvin:
Elvin is the sweetest octogenarian in Lincoln, Nebraska!
I met him through a dear friend, when one day I said “I need storage for all these cones of thread.”
A few weeks later, a thread rack was custom made for me!
Then came along a setup to hang all my quilting rulers in because “he wanted something to work on!”
Another day I mentioned how I needed a ruler deck for my longarm & the commercial ones they sold for my machine weren’t up to snuff.
Elvin made me one that was perfect for ruler work!
Then in the eternal attempt of “modifying” my longarm setup, I needed to trim some conduit.
Let me warn you- I am NOT the handiest person in the world, but I believe that with Google & some gumption, you can do just about anything.
Here I was, just about to start cutting & Elvin says “STOP!”
I normally don’t listen when people say stop (few people have a sense of adventure & if I listened every time told me to stop, well, let’s just say I’d still be living in Texas, having done nothing & gone no where.)
But I knew to listen to Elvin!
He came up to Omaha & taught me there was a lot more than just “trimming some conduit!”
So my friend & I decided he needed a quilt for all his awesomeness.
She pieced, I quilted, we found all the fabric in our stashes.
It’s a Carpenter’s Star Pattern, aka the “4 hour quilt.”
The quilting was super custom!
I did some computerized, some freehand & some ruler work.
It was a blast!
Best of all was seeing his face when WE got to surprise him finally!
Is there anything better than seeing someone wrapped up in love?