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A Period of Transition (aka, where I’ve been)

Sorry for the lack of communication everyone, after the last post things got hectic & the blog got put to the side.

Anyways, here’s a quick update on what’s been going on in my life!
March- Went to Texas to be with the family for a bit.
April- I started working at CREATE– I’d been teaching classes there, but now I’m a full-up employee! It’s fantastic & I couldn’t have asked for a better challenge at this point!
May- Went to Kansas City for a Quilting Expo. Saw some gorgeous quilts. Here’s one:
There were others, but the pics didn’t come out too great (need to work on that skill.)
I also had a “mini-retreat” with a friend at the house. Finally finished a quilt top I started back in college. (You won’t see pics of this until I’ve quilted it, I’ve got some great ideas for this one…)
Finished another quilt top that I started back in Alaska. Once again, no pics b/c I want to wait until it’s quilted.
June- Quilted a friends Block of the Month (since this is quilted, here’s a pic:)

This was the most intensive custom quilting I’ve ever done & I’m SOOO happy with the final result!

I also picked up another hobby, jewelry making. You too can make this necklace at CREATE!

And this ring!

J & I have also been working like crazy on the Great Front Landscaping Adventure. Here’s our lovely front yard now:


I also started Art Journaling. I’ll blog about that in another post as I have much to say about that.
So basically, there’s been a lot going on. I’m learning new skills, expanding my artistic side, wrapping up old projects & generally being very happy.
There were some crazy days there when my old life was merging with my new life & it was quite stressful, so this hasn’t been the most peaceful transition. But for what it’s worth, it definitely could have been worse!
So I hope to be back as a regular blogger again, now with some new inspiration!

Where I’ve Been

It’s been a whirlwind around here! Last Friday I headed down to Texas! I had a wonderful time hanging out with family & then meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in 4 months. The special occassion that prompted all of this- my good college friend is having a baby! I made up some knitted goodness for the little one (baby kimono & big suprise here- a quilt!)

On my way back to Nebraska, I stopped in Kansas & spent the afternoon with an aunt I haven’t seen in about 4 years.

Now I’m back home sifting through paperwork & working on so many projects my head is starting to spin.

Good news though- the garden is producing it’s first cukes!

Productive Thursday!

It was a very productive Thursday! I finished my Maeve socks:

They came out great! I used Rock Creek Yarn’s Cable-icious BFL Sock Yarn. She’s a local dyer in the DC Metro area & I’m in love with her yarn! I was worried that there would not be enough yarn, b/c cables usually eat up yarn like there’s no tomorrow, but I was fine- even have some left over for that Sock Blankie I’m going to make some day.
So now I think I will cast on for Aerang. It’s part of Obscuriosity‘s KAL. And I just discovered the designer is owner/part owner of a shop in Baltimore I visited one time. Small world!
The other significant accomplishment for yesterday was the garden plot. Per some neighbors, it was put in by the orginal owners. But the people who had the house before us (evil people I don’t really like) left it go & when I got to it, it was chock full of grass. So, several very hard days of hoeing, & ripping out roots & hoeing & ripping out weeds & blisters, etc, etc, etc, it was finally ready to put topsoil on! So since J & I have pretty much switched cars (the Civic is far more practical for his commute & the Jeep is better for me since I go to Lowe’s on a regular basis), I lined the back of the Jeep (per J’s request!) & bought soil. Hauled it to the garden plot & went back to Lowe’s to by more. Finally after 6 bags, I was good.
So the crop this year will consist of:
Green Bell Peppers
Sweet Potatoes
Butternut Squash

Random List

1. I’ve gotten into a nice routine of cleaning everyday- which should help me manage the place.
2. Potted some african violets over the weekend, so now the bedroom seems a little more finished.
3. Finished 1 Maeve sock & now at the gusset increases on the second one. Would really like to finish this tomorrow, most likely won’t be until Thursday.
4. Currently reading “Cards on the Table” by Agatha Christie. One from my Booksfree queue. I really enjoy reading her novels. Very entertaining even 80 + years later. Maybe tonight I will find out who the killer is…..

Also, it was someone mentioned they wanted to see more pics. Here’s one I took at the Woodlawn Plantation in Alexandria: