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Guild Challenge: Block of the Month 2013

My quilt guild does annual challenges of various sorts.  In years past they’ve done star challenges & design your own stay at home round robins.

This year we chose to do a block of the month that would be taught by a guild member & we would somehow to have to incorporate our focus fabric.  We chose the dark peacock print from Kate Spain’s Cuzco line.

This was our 1st block, Lizard Ridge:

Notice how um, bright it is?  Yeah, surprised me too!  Wasn’t sure if I liked it or not, but it has grown on me overtime.

Our 2nd block was Beacon Light & I tried to go more subtle:

& yeah, I hate it.  Thought I would come to like it, but no.  It’s going to have to be redone.

The 3rd block was Next Door Neighbor:

Now this I like, but I’m not in love with it.

The 4th block was Crown & Star:

As hard as it is to work with these bright of fabrics, I really like this block.

The 5th block was X Quartet:

I like how I used the focus fabric in this block, but the green & pink make me think of watermelons every time I look at it!

The 6th block was Eagle’s Nest:

Now while I’m not a fan of pink or purple or how I used the focus fabric- I really like this block!

Here they are all together:

Not so bad all together, but that Beacon Light is going to be have to be redone ASAP!  It stands out like a nasty sore thumb!

Even though I hem & haw every month over this project, it’s doing what it’s supposed to do- push me beyond my comfort zone.  Not only am I making blocks I wouldn’t typically sew, I’m working with a completely unfamiliar color palate that requires me to look at blocks in a new way.

So while this may not be my favorite quilt (so far, who knows how it will look in the end), this quilt is my challenge to see the ordinary in a new way.  To look at lights & imagine a dark; to change to position of a focus fabric.  And really- if I start to look at blocks this way, I wonder how I will start to see other traditional things in my life.

Stay at Home Round Robin, Part 1

My quilt guild is having a “Stay at Home Round Robin” challenge this year.  This month our center block was due.

I decided to give myself some additional challenges (you know, b/c there’s nothing else going on in my life at the moment) that included the entire quilt had to be made from my stash.  So I decided to use my some of my enormous stash of batiks.

It was actually more challenging to come up with a center block than I anticipated.  Let’s also add in I did this under some pressure as our meeting was Tuesday evening at 7pm (an hours drive away for me) & I started at 3pm that day.  And when I say started, I mean I started thinking about what I was going to make……(and yes, a dear friend predicated that was going to happen & she nailed it.  Again. 🙂

Given that I didn’t know what the remaining borders were going to entail (we would draw a different one each month from a pot of suggestions), I wanted to do something that kept my color choices open.  That meant something with a lot of color.

After trolling my modern quilting board on Pinterest, I ran across the flying geese in a circle paper piecing template.  It was perfect.

I really like how I was able to make a color wheel out of my stash.  Who knew I had so many different batiks!

Next month’s challenge is to use some half square triangles.  I’ll just think about that in June. 🙂

Defining the Negative Space

Ta da!
Here it is!

This is my longarm guild challenge piece!

This is actually a part of a special exhibit at MQS this year.  Everyone has the same fabric & made the same pattern, but we all quilted it in our own style.

My style is very geometric & this is a great example of that.

I also like to play in the negative space.  I want to add depth & dimension to those areas & see how they can transform into new spaces, taking your eyes along new paths in a quilt.

I hope to have more pics of my fellow guild members’ pieces when MQS rolls around.  I love to see how different quilters interpret the same piece.  I have had a sneak peak at a friend’s piece & wow!  did she she do a great job!  I can’t wait to share those pics!