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Random Thoughts on Tuesday

  • We’re all moved into our new home!  (well mostly, you know, there are always things to be done…)
  • I have a studio again, & it’s wonderful to be able to work in a good usable space.
  • I have (almost) mastered quilting in one hour bursts.
  • I’ve been piecing string blocks since they require little thought & can easily be picked up/put down.
  • It is a fact that no mater how many string blocks you piece, your stash of strips will never decrease.  I have pieced 20+ blocks & still have two shoe boxes full of strings.
  • Teapot is ten months old today!
  • I found this Piece of Cake dress from Anna Maria Horner that I *need* to make for her. (& while you’re looking at that picture, scroll on down to the Paper Fan Dress!  Adorable!)
  • I finished two UFOs in February!  Once the weather isn’t so glum, I’ll take some pictures outside.
  • I’ve been quilting beautiful cross stitched & embroidered quilts for customers!  Seriously, my clients give me the most amazing pieces to quilt.

Happy Tuesday everyone!  (& if you’re in the path of another snow storm or winter weather- stay warm & safe!)


Well, it was a very busy weekend here. I set out to organize the quilting studio. So that the business can start! Hopefully my sewing table will be here Friday & then I just have to order a work table. At that point, the doors can officially open! I’ve been really busy planning & developing ideas. This is so exciting!!

Anyways, I’ve also been busy putting the final touches on various knitting projects. The townhouse in Virginia was NOT condusive to blocking large projects, but this house certainly is!

This is a scarf/shawl/stole from Cheryl Oberle’s Folk Shawls. I believe I used Jamison wool that I purchased at Far North Yarn Company up in Anchorage.

And here is a quick project I finished today:

A wrist cushion for the mouse! A great help as I’m spending more & more time at the computer!