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George Washington’s View of the Potomac & Gardens

A few weeks ago J & I finally visited Mount Vernon. The grounds are beautiful & it was very interesting to see some of his experiments. One the concept of “fenceless animal pens.” Since fences are costly, financially & timely, to maintain, he tried digging very large ditches to prevent livestock from wondering. In the end though it failed & the animals simply got hurt/stuck in the ditch & he went back to fences. But hey, he gave it a shot.
The top photo is a view from his back porch of the Potomac. Really nice. Very serene.
Here’s also a picture of his garden, inspired by the classical Engligh gardens. Symmetrical while creative. The design here would work fabulous as a quilting pattern.

We didn’t go into the mansion though, the line was long & not moving, & it was too beautiful of a day to be inside with other tourists. So we simply roamed around the estate. It was a wonderful relaxing day & made me eager to have a house where I can garden.
So now my thoughts are going to what to plant in our new house. I like the idea of using native plants- it works easier with the soil & overall maintenance. (I never understood those people in Texas who wanted a green lawn in August. It’s Texas! & for most of my life I swear they were in a drought!) But I’m not sure what native Nebraskan plants would be. Grass? Whatever we choose they need to be wind resistant though. The current owners planted some hoseas & by the time we got to the inspection the wind had essentially destroyed them. What fun adventures ahead of us!