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A Quilting Kaleidoscope

There once was 4 yds of yellow fabric that had purple & pink flowers on it. Young girl inherited this fabric & thought it was the ugliest fabric imaginable- you see young girl had a very different outlook on fabrics from her mother.
So ugly fabric sat in closets & moved from apartment to apartment in Texas. Somehow ugly fabric even managed to follow her to Alaska. (Young girl did not understand how this happened- maybe it was in a box mailed by a dear sister?)While in Alaska young girl saw an amazing quilt on display at her LQS based on the One Block Wonder. She knew she had to make it! She quickly signed up for the class & while reading the supply list realized she needed 4 yards of 1 fabric. Young girl was trying desparately to pay down debt & did think she could afford that. Sadly she went home and decided to look in her closet. After going through fat quarter after fat quarters, she thought she was going to have to spend the money. Then she saw some ugly yellow fabric peeking at her from the closet floor! She snatched the 4 yards from the closet abyss and was eagerly hoping this would work. After making some measurements she decided it would!

Young girl then went to read her book before class & realized what perfect fabric this was! There were 3 main colors (purple, pink & green), one one solid background (that ugly yellow) & the leaves provided “movement.” She couldn’t believe her luck!
Class turned out great & young girl sewed & sewed & sewed. The arranged, rearranged & rearranged until it was perfect. She found great complimentary border fabrics at the LQS & in the end, she was mostly amazed at how she made an ugly fabric into a beautiful quilt!

Shaun’s One Block Wonder of Hawaii

This is Shaun’s quilt. While Johnathan & I were in Hawaii, we (I should say Johnathan b/c all my choices were too “girly”) picked up some very cool blue & white Hawaiian fabric with flowers & surfboards. I had just taken the “One Block Wonder” class at the Quilt Tree. As soon as we got home, I started on this. It was the end of January & Shaun’s birthday is the middle of March. Amazingly enough I finished it in time for Fedex to overnight it to his house so he could open the day of his birthday, only to discover he was in Florida!! So a few days later when he got home, he was able to open his present & loves it! If you love wild, large prints & modern designs, I highly recommend this pattern. The book by Maxine Rosenthal is self explanatory & from all the finished tops I saw in my class, there’s never a bad finished project!