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Random Thoughts on Tuesday

  • We’re all moved into our new home!  (well mostly, you know, there are always things to be done…)
  • I have a studio again, & it’s wonderful to be able to work in a good usable space.
  • I have (almost) mastered quilting in one hour bursts.
  • I’ve been piecing string blocks since they require little thought & can easily be picked up/put down.
  • It is a fact that no mater how many string blocks you piece, your stash of strips will never decrease.  I have pieced 20+ blocks & still have two shoe boxes full of strings.
  • Teapot is ten months old today!
  • I found this Piece of Cake dress from Anna Maria Horner that I *need* to make for her. (& while you’re looking at that picture, scroll on down to the Paper Fan Dress!  Adorable!)
  • I finished two UFOs in February!  Once the weather isn’t so glum, I’ll take some pictures outside.
  • I’ve been quilting beautiful cross stitched & embroidered quilts for customers!  Seriously, my clients give me the most amazing pieces to quilt.

Happy Tuesday everyone!  (& if you’re in the path of another snow storm or winter weather- stay warm & safe!)

Back home

Hey y’all. Back home now from a whirlwind trip to Texas! Let’s see- I learned how to use a power washer, rebuild a fan & where are the Dairy Queen’s in Mesquite are located. And most importantly, I ate Chick-Fil-A. A lot of Chick-Fil-A. And it was all yummy.

I was so busy however I didn’t take many pictures except for this. Here’s a cactus for ya:

Yes. It is a dead cactus. It’s one of those strange things you see in life that you just have to capture.

As always happens when I come back from Texas, I have lots of goodies & projects to work on. You know- exactly what I need more of!

But that will all have to wait. Because I’m going to be doing a little hibernating with the cats.

I think Rizzo puts it very nicely:

See ya shortly!
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Fourth of July in Nebraska

We were told by friends far before we moved here that fourth of July gets a little crazy due to the fact that everyone shoots of fireworks. Now J & I didn’t fully realize the magnitude of that statement. We thought sure, a few people shoot them off, no big deal- the same you see in every town, I mean for goodness sakes, we live smack dab in the middle of suburbia, our house are about 10 ft apart at MOST.

It all started around last week- the fireworks started going off in the evenings & we thought it was just some over excited people. Then as the days got closer & closer to the 4th, it slowly increased. At first it was the little stuff, then the big fireworks, then they started shooting them off in the evening, early evening, afternoon, lunch time. And the finally the 4th came. 10:30 am all excitement began & it went continuously into the 5th. Around 9pm we walked outside the house & were blown away by the cloud of smoke that engulfed our house. Everywhere we looked, smoke. Kids running around, parents sitting back handing out lighters, truly pure chaos. You could see the fireworks from the developments across the streets & the displays from the city sponsored festivals. Truly every house but ours was shooting off fireworks of all sizes. We walked over to the neighbors (who by the way is a cop & oh yes, fireworks ARE illegal. I may have incorrectly told some of you that fireworks are legal, I stand corrected they are not.) & hung out with his wife & kids. He of course, was working. We had a great time seeing the wide variety he purchased earlier that day & seeing how all the kids around, having grown up with this regular event, have no fear of fire at all. It was quite a site to behold.

So, sometime far after I went to bed, the noise stopped. Today we arose to the normally quite neighborhood & we thought we were in the clear. We thought that maybe all the noise was over & we would only hear lawnmovers for the next year. Not so, apparantly there are still more to be shot off & I’m looking at them now from the office window.

Welcome to Nebraska.

On a knitting note though (oh come on! How could I write a post without referencing some sort of hobby!)- here are 2 finished objects from the weekend:

A beret/slouch/hat that actually looks fairly decent on me:

The Frickin’ Fiesta Feets socks. These deserve their own post. Maybe tomorrow.