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Tuesday Tip! Keep Your Rulers from Shifting

Has this ever happened to you?  You’re going along, cutting all your fabric pieces & then suddenly your ruler has shifted & you realized you’ve made a crooked cut like this?


I’ve tried the sandpaper dots on the backs of rulers, but I don’t like them on “regular rulers” as I feel their opaqueness prevents me from accuracy.

I’ve tried the plastic dots, but I felt they lifted the ruler too high & sometimes the ruler would shift.

I’ve tried the plastic sheets you place to the back, but they were difficult for me to afix them (think of a bad duct tape experience….)

So when I found this technique!  I couldn’t believe how wonderfully simple it was!

Take a 2″x2″ or so piece of non-adhesive plastic shelving liner:

shifting 2

And place it under your ruler:

shifting 3 final
I love this because:
1. Since it’s not permanent, it doesn’t interfere with any markings on the ruler
2. I can use 1 for several rulers instead of buying enough for every ruler

The Loot

So you can’t go to a show like MQS & not come home with goodies.  It’s not right.

I actually got quite a lot this time, mostly because during the past year I kept saying “dang, if I only had….”  Then I’d go look at it online & balk at the shipping costs.  So I decided to take advantage of the vendor mall & the Shopping Frenzy specials this year!

So here’s what I got:
DeLoa Jones books (Scrap Quilt Patterns, Feathers & Borders)
Trillium House Designs “Pocket Guides to Freehanding” books by Darlene Epp
Pam Clark books (Basic 8, Borders & Triangles)
Pam Clark grid stencils
Pounce Powder, blue
Set of Circle templates
Set of Oval templates
Cross Hatch ruler
S shape ruler
DeLoa’s Boomerang, 10″
Purple fat quarters
Pattern for an e-reader w/ 2 fat quarters

I would go into more detail about these goodies, but I’m keeping this short because I just finished a customer quilt & now I want to do a little playing with these goodies!