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Tuesday Tip- Seam Ripping!

Ever have those days where you feel you’re ripping out stitching twice as much as you’re actually stitching?I hate those days.

But since those days are inevitable (sadly), here’s a tip for successful ripping.

Lay your piecing out in front of you with the stitching facing you & put your seam ripper under a stitch to snip it apart.  Repeat cross every 3 or so stitches & use your seam ripper to help pull those small threads up.

Your seam ripper should look something like this: (I apologize for the sideways photo.  I’ve uploaded this several times & no matter what the actual orientation is, Blogger thinks it should be this way.  Yeesh.)


What I don’t recommend doing is holding your two pieces of fabric apart to rip the seams.  Like this: (And yet Blogger doesn’t mess with this pic’s orientation.  I give up.)

Now I’m not saying this is the “wrong” way to rip out, just be aware that by pulling those two pieces of fabric apart to get at the seam, you have the potential to stretch the fabric, especially if it’s been cut on the bias- for example a triangle unit.

I hope that little tip helps & I hope you don’t have to rip out this week as well!

See you next Tuesday!