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Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Start A Project On Vacation

1. I brought the wrong size needles- again. They are waaaay too big for this project & last time the needles were too small! Sheesh! I can’t win!
2. Not enough yarn for said project (so I guess having the wring needle size is a moot point)
3. No matter how easy the pattern looks under normal circumstances, once in vacation my brain will leave me & even doing garter stitch will be difficult.

Not to mention I’m on a “working” vacation in a place that’s hot as hell on a good summer day, so it looks like I’ll be reading the incredible fluff novels I brought! (I actually brought 4- I think my conscience knew knitting wasn’t going to happen šŸ˜‰

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Onerva Complete!

I finished the Onerva Shawl yesterday! What a relief to have that done. It’s a fun pattern, only it requires a bit of concentration that I don’t have much of at the moment. I ended up making small edits to my charts & then as the repeats increased, I simply “read” the lace & took the stitch patterns from other lines. So in the end I had about 3 magnets showing me where I was on my chart. At that point I just wanted to finish the darn thing b/c I knew that if I didn’t pick it up until after moved, I’d spend more time figuring out what the bijeebers I was doing. But it’s done. Only need to block it & that can wait until after the move.

I’m now back to the minimalist cardigan. It didn’t get done in time for the trip. I brought it along to work on in Omaha & finished one sleeve. I rummaged around in my suitcase for the last skein of yarn & low & behold I managed to bring 4 skeins of sock yarn & 1 skein baby yarn (all for about 4 projects) but somehow I missed the green alpaca needed for the last sleeve! But it’s all good now & the last sleeve is currently being knitted. I would like to say I could finish it today, but I’m knee deep in all sorts of things that need to be done for the move.