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Getting Things Back Together

We made it to Virginia!  It was more than a little crazy right before we left Omaha (impending storms, government shutdown, cats freaking out over the move, selling the house, pregnancy symptoms, lots & lots of rain) but we’re here now making our lives in our new home. (whew!)

Our stuff has been here for about a week & we’re 80% unpacked & living our “normal” life with routines & whatnot.  It makes for a somewhat stressful first week in our new home, but we know after 3 moves together the faster we can get things together then the faster we can start focusing on our career & school without distractions.

Needless to say, the studio is usually one of the last things, mostly because I need to get the kitchen together so we can start cooking (an integral part to getting back to “normal” for us & nothing fancy here folks, just what can I toss in the slow cooker that will be warm & tasty in our bellies), and the main living area needs to be in order or we can’t find things like car keys in the morning!

Last night though J & I started assembling the longarm.  This had to be done first because the new studio is much smaller than the Omaha one & I didn’t know how much actual space I’d have left to work with once the longarm was up & running.  Hopefully we’ll finish the longarm tonight so I can get the rest of the studio together over the weekend- and then I can start quilting again!!

I’ll keep posting pictures of how I’m organizing things, remember, you can also follow OBQ on Facebook!

A New Studio

Good morning everyone!

I’m proud to announce that I’m the new resident in a newly redesigned & decorated studio (i.e. our basement)!

We were very fortunate when we got this house to have a finished basement. I quickly took that over as my studio- but with working other jobs, trying to find my “place” with the long arm- the basement stayed the dull tan/brown color the previous people painted.

I also discovered in that year that I had the room setup “wrong.” The space didn’t work for me. The design wall was miles (ok, yards) away from my sewing machine. My thread sat jumbled in a drawer & projects in progress were mixed in with stash fabric. So about two weeks ago in the middle of a pity party, I pulled out the paint that had been sitting in the garage since last September & starting working. I’m very happy to say that my once dull brown studio is now a very cheery Robin’s egg blue! I also rearranged my workspace & here it is:

One bookcase holds my projects in process, the other my stash fabric. My spool holder is finally hanging (I think I finished it last August??). All the long arm tools are together & all the piecing tools are in one spot. The design wall is now about 2 feet from my sewing machine & the best part? The studio actually feels like me!

So I immediately sat down & pieced 3 quilts! No, not really. I actually left town to go to MQS in Kansas City. I went in 2010 but just attended the show. This year I shopped, drooled over gorgeous quilts & took classes! Since MQS deserves it’s own blog post- tomorrow I’ll tell you about all the great things I learned, teachers who inspired me and ideas I have for the future!

Quilting Studio Progress

My sewing table came in the mail today!! Spent most of the late afternoon assembling & now I have what will be a great little table for me.

I will have some shelves on the right side to store some of my bigger notions & then the cubbies on the left will be great for thread, bobbins, pins, etc. I also like the wide space on the left side of the machine. This will give me plently of room for my quilts to go over.
Here’s a picture of my fabric shelves:

I wanted something that would be large enough to handle all my fabric organized by color as well as be strong enough to hold all that material! Ended up getting a utility shelf at Lowe’s that can have up to 250 lbs per shelf.
So the workroom is finally coming together! I can’t wait to start finishing some of my old WIPs. I realized today that I haven’t quilted in about 2 years! Seesh!