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Rachel’s Patriotic Star Table Runner

Rachel S. recently finished her version of the Patriotic Star Table Runner & was gracious enough to share pictures with me!

Rachel's Patriotic Star Table Runner. Pattern by Ormond Beach Quilts

Rachel’s Patriotic Star Table Runner.

She used Bunny Hill Design’s Celebration fabric by Moda.

Rachel's Patriotic Star Table Runner.  Pattern by Ormond Beach Quilts

Rachel’s Patriotic Star Table Runner.

Isn’t it perfect for summer?  I love the sailboats!

Also, take a close look at her quilting.  She did very simple quilting on this runner- just “Stitch in the Ditch” around the stars & then in the border she quilted straight lines.

Rachel's Patriotic Star Table Runner.  Pattern by Ormond Beach Quilts

Rachel’s Patriotic Star Table Runner.

Many times I show fancy quilting here, but this is a great example of how sometimes fancy quilting isn’t needed or necessary.

I also know that this was part of a UFO competition for her & sometimes simple is better because it helps us finish our projects faster instead of getting caught up in planning “Over the Top Quilting.”

Again, I want to say a special thank you to Rachel for sharing these pictures & encouraging us to work simply so we can finish & enjoy our projects!

Also, you can purchase a copy of this pattern in my Etsy shop!

Quilting Class: Strip Pieced Table Runner

Can you believe it’s time to start quilting for fall?  It may seem early, but September is going to be here in only a month and a half!

Next Monday, July 15 at 6pm at A Quilting Place, I will be teaching this strip pieced table runner:

This is a fantastic piece that comes to together easily with a few tricks, but looks like you put much more work into it!

Don’t particularly want a seasonal table runner?  No problem!  This also looks great with a variety of different fabrics for a design to match your decor. 

In this beginner’s class, you will learn tips for successful strip piecing as well as working with bias.  Call Jackie at 402.884.2096 to sign up & receive your supply list!

Check out my classes for more upcoming events!  I look forward to working with you!

My Niece is Getting Married!

My niece is getting married!Time to make her something pretty for her house!

After chatting with my sister I discovered her dining room colors are cranberry & tea dyed muslin.  That made me think immediately of the French General fabric lines…

Luckily one of my LQS’s had a charm pack of Rouennieres (the link is actually to the 1st line of fabric issued back in 09.  I purchased the 2nd line recently released- mostly it’s the same- you get the idea) & some coordinating fabric for a border…..

After trolling the internet for charm pack friendly table runners, I found this at the Moda Bake Shop….

Then I spent time learning how to make hexies from my 60 degree triangle.  I hope to put a tutorial on that here shortly……

Finally, I could start piecing.

Then I did some pretty quilting…..

And finally we have this:

Here’s another:

A detailed pic of the quilting:

A pic of the back to see the quilting:

Basic Quilting Recap:
In each hexie is a flower.
In each small triangle I did continuous curves
In the inner border I did a ribbon design
In the outer border I did a swirly leaf.

When I finished I knew that *I* loved it & I really hoped my niece would too!

Turns out she does!  And some of her friends! (She lives on the East Coast & I actually mailed it in time for the bridal shower.  I’m always amazed when I’m not late with a quilty present!)

So while it was fun to choose the fabrics, the pattern, learn a new technique, and play with new quilting designs, the best part is that my niece likes it too.

Now we’re waiting for the wedding- to take place this fall on the beach!  Our family is incredibly excited!

Bargello Table Runner

I just realized I never blogged about my finished Bargello Table Runner.

It was a free tutorial hosted by Katie of Katie’s Quilting Corner.

I used 2 1/2″ strips I had leftover from the Double Wedding Ring Quilt I made back in Alaska.

I quilted it first doing ruler work to create the diagonal lines for movement.  Then I did back & forth freehand squiggles to further emphasis movement.

I bound it with leftover binding from the Double Wedding Ring Quilt.

It’s much longer than Katie’s pattern called for (I think I did an entire extra set of strips) because I like long tablerunners (I personally don’t care for table runners that don’t go off the edge of the table).

It was easy & a good “no brainer” project.

Best of all it looks pretty on our table!

Linking up with Heather at Sew Modern Monday &

Bargello Table Runner

Remember when I told you about Katie’s Bargello QAL?

I decided I needed to do a tablerunner (because, you know, I have nothing else on my plate right now).  Since a tablerunner is fairly small, I decided to dive into my scraps & see what I could use.  I came up with these fabrics that were already cut into 2.5″ strips!!!

Then I sewed them together into long strips & I opted for a total of 3 sets as I like my tablerunners long:

Then I folded them in half & sewed my segments into tubes:

Now for the next bit, I don’t have any photos for you (sorry!), but then you cut the tubes into 2.5″ strips & then with some ripping you get strips that you can put together & eventually they look like this:

I only have a few more strips left to sew onto the runner (I decided to use all my strips) so it’s almost ready to quilt!  Wohoo!
This has been a great project so far & I’m getting an itch to make more bargello quilts.  Ahhhhh, so many exciting projects to make eventually!!!!

Challenge #1

Hey! It’s been wonderfully busy over here- my days are full of quilting, knitting & cooking- I can honestly say I can’t remember being this peaceful.

I’ve also started challenging myself. A mini project completed every week. This happened by accident- I had some leftover log cabin blocks that I had sewed incorrectly for another project decided to pull them out & make something. Laid them out on the floor, tried some different arrangements & came about with this:

And instead of letting is sit on the shelf to be quilted in, oh, let’s say, about 5 years from now, I popped that sucker on the quilting machine right then! Used some of the music note fabric for the backing. (This is fabric from my mom’s stash. It’s been used on who knows how many projects, but I can tell you it’s magical- because EVERY SINGLE TIME I dig that fabric out of the bins, there’s always more. ALWAYS!) I used a favorite quilting pattern from Munnich Quilt Recipes, dug out some matching fabric for a binding & voila! A very nice little runner.

Granted it’s for Christmas & this is April, but hey- it’s done, I used stash, & I didn’t spend one added dime on this!