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Tuesday Tip: Trimming Threads

Thank you all for being so patient last week when I needed to take a week off. I’m back home & going 90 mph again- it’s great to be back in my routine! I hope this Tuesday tip is helpful for you. In preparation for sending your quilt to a longarmer, you may have heard the request to “trim your threads.” Sound familiar? The first time I heard this I had no idea what it meant. Turns out it’s pretty important- more so than I initially thought. When you’re asked to “trim your threads,” you are basically being asked nicely to clean up your quilt. I pulled out a quilt I pieced back in college for an example. Here’s a portion of the top. See those dangly threads? Yeah, they need to go away. The longarmer’s hopping foot can get caught in them & things can get ugly fast. Also, if they aren’t cut before hand, they could actually end up being quilted in & then it’s a pain to get them out from under the stitching. Then let’s look at the back of the quilt. This is a great picture of a hot mess of threads in the back: Those need to be cut away as well since they could get caught & get tied up together while the longarmer is loading the quilt. Remember- you don’t want your quilt to have anything that might cause it to not lie flat! Finally, there’s this: Notice my green fabric has frayed a bit? Because I’ve used white sashing between blocks, that green thread has the possibility of showing through the white fabric when quilted- yikes! That’s something you definitely don’t want to happen! So take a look at both sides of your quilt before sending it off- it will look that much nicer after a few minutes of trimming threads!

Big Announcement! (and Housekeeping)

Ready for the big announcement?? 🙂

I’ve decided to start selling thread!

Yes, I’m a longarmer who does quilt for others, but sometimes, it’s best for the piecer to quilt it themselves.  (*Gasp*, yes, I know I just said something that would have many longarmers wanting to throw things at me!)  But really, sometimes it’s not worth a piecer sending a quilt to a longarmer!  It may be a quilt they know longarming wouldn’t enhance (yes, those quilts do exist).  It may be something that needs to be quilted & used before a longarmer could even start the quilting.  So because of these reasons (& plenty others), I’ve decided to bring some of the great supplies I know about to those quilters.

This is a beautiful pic of some of the amazing colorways in Superior Threads‘ King Tut line.
I adore this thread!  It’s 100% cotton, the colors are breathtaking & it quilts like nothing else!  I use it in my longarm & domestic sewing machine.

And in celebration of me opening up this branch of the shop, it’s 15% off with the code THREADJAN.

Ok, I’m done with the sales pitch.  I promise this blog won’t turn into a huge sales pitch.  If you know me personally, you know I can’t stand salespeople.  They kill me.  I promise I won’t turn into one of those people.  And if I do, you have my permission to throw tomatoes at me!  (Or at least just give me a nudge! 🙂

Onto the housekeeping.  For all of those that have commented: THANK YOU!!!  I can’t tell you how much I love to read them!  They make my day.  I smile at each & every one of them.  One thing that’s frustrated me with Blogger is that is was sometimes hard for me to reply individually to the comments.  (This may of course have been my complete ineptness of how Blogger actually works.  So I can’t blame them entirely).  Now Blogger has introduced “Comment Threads” – this way I can now respond to you!  So please, comment away & let’s chat!

Whew, ok, boring stuff done with.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a great recipe & more!