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Thoughts on a Thursday

– Not sure where this week went, but I know some of the loss can be blamed on Anne of Avonlea & Anne of the Island.

Kale can apparently be harvested when there’s snow on the ground & is a hearty winter green.  Then why is it associated more with Southerners & not Northerners?

– When the average temperature has been 20 higher than normal, waking up to find the weather at a seasonal normal of 10 degrees makes the house very chilly.  No amount of green tea can keep you warm.

– My sister’s MIL is correct, bagged tea does successfully last for 2 uses.  I wonder what else I can learn from the woman that survived the dust bowl in the Texas panhandle.

– Kale really isn’t very strong when cooked down to nothing & added to soup.  Must keep this in mind for other soups.

– I own a lot of purple & pink thread.  Very strange.

– There is great joy to be found in knitting socks.

– Soup & bread are magical.  They can transform a chilly house into a warm & cozy dwelling.  I swear the aroma alone can make the house warmer.