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Longarming and UFOs for the 4th

We had a great 4th of July weekend around here!

I worked on my first customer quilt post baby! It was an adorable baby quilt for a new customer’s 3 year old son.

Dr. Seuss quilt longarmed by Ormond Beach Quilts
She’s also a knitting designer.  If you knit you should absolutely go check out her patterns.  They are amazing.

Here’s a detail picture of the stars & loops design she choose.  Perfect for the fun Dr. Seuss fabrics.

Dr. Seuss quilt detailed longarmed by Ormond Beach Quilts
I also worked on “mastering the art of maximizing nap time.”  Most of the time I’ve used nap times to nap myself, but Friday she took an extra nap & I found myself with a little bit of time & no dishes to clean (yay for J being home!)  So I was playing in the studio & pulled out a UFO & realized the only reason I hadn’t quilted it was because a block needed to be turned.  See?

Prissy Baby Quilt Before by Ormond Beach Quilts
So I took the 10 minutes & finally turned the block!  Ahh, that looks much better!  (It’s amazed me how it sat like that for 7 years….. it’s the little things that can really hold us back…)

Prissy Baby Quilt After by Ormond Beach Quilts
I also prepped the backing & it went on the frame Sunday morning!  Quilting is almost done & I can’t wait to show you- it came out great!

Prissy Baby Quilt on the fram eby Ormond Beach Quilts
How was your weekend?

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Ready to Longarm!

longarm setup
Is that my longarm all setup & ready to go?

Wait!?!  Is that even a UFO loaded & almost ready to be quilted??It is! (& I’d show you a photo of that, but it apparently doesn’t want to be uploaded.)

After 2 months & a few days in the new place, the longarm is all setup & ready to get to work!  I’m first going to quilt a scrappy UFO from the beginning of 2013 as a test just to make sure everything is running smoothly & to warm up my free motion quilting skills.

It’s a dreary, cold, soon to be rainy day here in Northern Virginia, so it’s a perfect day to spend at the longarm quilting away!

See you in a bit when I post about the finished quilt!

Free Motion Flowers & an Old UFO Done!

This is an old UFO!  I pieced this top back in High School when I was making tons of charity quilts.

I thought most of them were finished & given away years ago, but while unpacking more boxes from Texas I found this quilt top.

I decided to use this as a practice piece for a freehand flower meander.  It’s largely over quilted, but it was fun & I became comfortable with the design and I completed a UFO!  Wohoo!

Pink & Green Baby Quilt with Swirls

Remember this baby quilt?

It’s all finished now!

I opted for an apple green minky on the back.  Minky is super soft & just delightful!

To add to the texture assortment I used pink satin for the binding.  This was also my first time to experiment with machine binding that went from back to front.  It turned out great & I think that will be my machine binding method.

For the quilting I practiced 3’s & E’s.  I learned this in a class with Rebecca Segura.  I think it was perfect for this quilt!

WIP Wednesday

My Work In Progress (WIP) this week is this baby quilt:

I pieced it a few years ago.  I’m now in desperate need of a baby quilt for a girl.  Thank goodness for UFOs (unfinished objects)!

The picture shows it in pieces, although it is fully pieced (yes, it really is & I actually know where this is currently living in the studio- that alone is a feat!)

This weekend (or today) I hope to quilt this up.  I might use some apple green minky I have on hand (don’t ask) or some apple green fleece (if I have enough) for the backing. (aside….when I use fleece as a backing I typically don’t use batting….)

As for total WIPs in general.  Yeesh, that’s a big number.  According to Threadbias, it’s 30.

As for PIGs (projects in bags), the number is somewhere around 10.

So with that reality at 8:30 in the morning, I’m going to get to work!  I have another quilt that just needs binding, so if I move it, I can get that number down to 28 easily.  And that just looks so much nicer than 30.

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National Quilting Day Recap

Did you know?

Last Saturday, March 17 was National Quilting Day!

I had a great day celebrating!

Several quilt shops semi near me were having a 20% everything sale, so I enjoyed some podcasts on my drive to the shops.  By 9:30 I was at the first shop where I purchased this Creative Grids ruler & an Amy Butler jelly roll!  I’d heard great things about the Creative Grids rulers (clear grippy dots, finer lines for more precise cuts), & then I tried one out at the last quilting retreat– wow these are nice!  I’m going to be slowly replacing my Ofla’s.  And for that jelly roll- I know just the quilt I want to make!
Then by 9:45 I was off to the second quilt shop.  (yes, you read that correctly, 15 minutes in a quilt shop, I shop strategically.  No dilly dallying around here.)
I actually got the the 2nd shop before they opened at 10. They were nice & let me in at 9:50.   This store sells some longarm supplies, so I looked over their stock.  Nothing was what I particularly wanted or needed, so I just picked up what my friend asked me to get her & I was out the door back home by 10:10.
Then there was a bit of a non-quilty break with a visit to the library, brunch with J & grocery shopping.  Once back home though, it was all about the quilting!
I finished up the quilting a UFO that’s been hanging around for about 6 years!  Wohoo! I’m so excited! This was completely freehand w/ some ruler work.  I decided to practice my swirls on the quilt- they definitely improved by the end!  (btw, this pattern is called Four Square Blossom by Sew Be It, I added an additional row to make it more useable in our house.)
Then I went to load a customer’s quilt on the frame & realized I didn’t have the right shade for the bobbin thread, so back I went to another quilt shop!
That quilt is almost done & looks great- can’t wait to show you the finished pics!
Whew, so that was National Quilting Day!

Progress on a UFO

I’m working away on my Flower Applique quilt & wanted to give you a small pic of some of the quilting I’ve chosen.

I’m doing a mix of continuous curves (in the green blocks) & pumpkin seeds in the neutral blocks throughout the border.  So far the borders look amazing & I’m very happy with how this quilt is turning out!

I’m also using King Tut Sands of Time thread- this blends amazingly well with my batik & adds a nice bit of “pop” to my green blocks.

You may wonder why I chose the fancier quilting for the neutral blocks while using a neutral thread.  My answer, I wanted you to feel the texture in the background.  I didn’t want it to hit you in your face as soon as you looked at the quilt.  I chose the CC (continuous curves) for the green blocks because I wanted to add movement to the quilt.  This is a fairly plain border & the applique is of nice round flowers & leaves & I wanted to soften the harsh green.

Can’t wait to show you more!!

Thoughts on Thursday

Some randomness for your Thursday!  Here we go!
– How the heck did it get to be Thursday so quickly?
– I loaded a UFO on the frame this week:

-Seedlings for the 2012 garden have started sprouting!  As of this morning, we have 6!  These are either romaine lettuce, or spinach. (Didn’t have enough milk jugs, so I just planted the two together.)

– I’ve been expanding my presence on Etsy, check out my first treasury!  Sewing for the Modern Baby.
– On the reading front I’ve been living in an Ann Rinaldi world.  Yes they are young adult books, but they are also written well.  And there’s the historical aspect.  I’ve always enjoyed her books.
– Darla (the Scientific Quilter), is hosting a March-a-long– sew 15 minutes a day.  I think I shall be participating!!
– Last week J & I went to a celebrity chef event where we saw Rick Bayless demonstrate 3 dishes!  It was awesome & we’ve been cooking Mexican food all week.
– It’s amazingly beautiful here today.  50s & sunny & just jaw droppingly wonderful.  I wish I could just move the longarm outside for a day!

Ok, must get back to the longarm!  UFOs don’t finish themselves!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Random Thought Thursday!

– It’s a pajama quilting day in the studio!

–  Rizzo says “hi”, but would like to go back to his nap.  Being interrupted by me to take photos of him is tiresome- it’s a tough life around here.

– I made the most amazing rolls this week!  Used the bread machine just to make the dough- then formed them into rolls & baked in oven at 350 for ~30 minutes.

– They are even better the next day when you make them into a sandwich with a cooked egg.

– A dear friend gave me some quilting magazines this week.  I now have a severe case of ADD.

– I’m soooo close to being finished with the Batik BOM quilt top.  One more solid day of sewing & I could have that sucker assembled.

– This week I successfully drove to my friend’s farm in Iowa.  This may seem small, but it’s quite a feat in my book, as something always seems to happen to me out there- I get stuck in mud, I get lost, my GPS goes out- it’s never good!

– I’m working on a new quilt design for the MQS Fabric Challenge.  The creative juices are flowing!  So many ideas, so little paper to scribble them onto- I wish I could just take a snapshot of what’s in my head & put that on Pinterest.  Would save so much time.

Ok, enough randomness for today!  Must get back to sewing!

15 Years in the Making

Back when I was in high school, my sophomore year, my sister made me a quilt top of sunflowers, daisies and cats for my Christmas present.

That break she, our mom & I basted it together on the floor of our parents room.

I started hand quilting it immediately. Then school, band & church all caught up with me & the quilt just sat there. So I sent it back to Colorado for my sister to work on. Then she moved back to Texas. Then she had kids & gave me back the quilt. (now keep in mind this isn’t just a quilt we’re sending back & forth, there’s also this huge PVC pipe frame that’s going about half the country). Then time passes & I got my first apartment, and my 2nd and my 3rd.

Still working on the quilt.

Then I graduated from college & realized I’d been working on this project for over 5 years!

Then a few more moves occur & before I know it, I’m in Alaska, married, it’s been 10 years & I’m still working on this quilt.

Then more moves occur & every time I pull it out, I’d hear a groan from J. Yes, once again I was pulling out THE quilt that somehow took up the entire room & would end up as a cat bed.

Then this year I realized I was turning 30 & this darn quilt would have been in progress for 15 years!!! Some women have beauty or youth crises when they turn 30- I however freak out about quilting.

So I was determined to finish it this year! I pulled it out for the umpteenth time & noticed there really wasn’t much more to do- so I set to work.

Then as it happened I went down to Texas & thought I would finish it then (here’s a lesson I should have learned by now- when you go visit your family, you’re not going to have things like TIME to work on quilts!) but after taking a nice little rest in Kansas on my way home, I see that the end is in sight for this quilt.

Last friday, I’m happy to say, I finished it. 3 months before I turn 30

Here are the photos of the finished quilt in all its beauty:
(it’s actually kinda small!)

Close up:

And of course, the requisite pic of the back, so you can see the quilting:

Ahhhh, is there anything nicer than a finished quilt??

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