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Getting Things Back Together

We made it to Virginia!  It was more than a little crazy right before we left Omaha (impending storms, government shutdown, cats freaking out over the move, selling the house, pregnancy symptoms, lots & lots of rain) but we’re here now making our lives in our new home. (whew!)

Our stuff has been here for about a week & we’re 80% unpacked & living our “normal” life with routines & whatnot.  It makes for a somewhat stressful first week in our new home, but we know after 3 moves together the faster we can get things together then the faster we can start focusing on our career & school without distractions.

Needless to say, the studio is usually one of the last things, mostly because I need to get the kitchen together so we can start cooking (an integral part to getting back to “normal” for us & nothing fancy here folks, just what can I toss in the slow cooker that will be warm & tasty in our bellies), and the main living area needs to be in order or we can’t find things like car keys in the morning!

Last night though J & I started assembling the longarm.  This had to be done first because the new studio is much smaller than the Omaha one & I didn’t know how much actual space I’d have left to work with once the longarm was up & running.  Hopefully we’ll finish the longarm tonight so I can get the rest of the studio together over the weekend- and then I can start quilting again!!

I’ll keep posting pictures of how I’m organizing things, remember, you can also follow OBQ on Facebook!

A Little Update & a Mystery Quilt!

So you may have noticed it’s been a little quiet around here.  Well, at least on the blog because my personal life has actually been going *faster* than normal!
We found out the end of July that my husband got a job back in DC (where we used to live), so most of our house looks like this:

Then in August we found out we’re going to have a baby!!!

So needless to say, things have been a *little* busy over here with trying to sell the house & dealing with morning sickness & wrapping up our lives.

One of my tasks was to seriously look at the fabric & only keep what I love.  I gave a bunch to Quilts from the Bluffs, but also ended up putting a lot in the scrap bin.  This is all great fabric, but some of the pieces are really too small to justify keeping in their color bin & other pieces I honestly wouldn’t use.  For these fabrics I cut them down & they become part of my “pre-cut” piles that I use for scrap quilts.  I cut all the pieces into these sizes:
5″, 4 1/2″, 4″, 3 1/2″, 3″, 2 1/2″, 2″, and 1 1/2″ squares

All the pieces except the 1 1/2″ are organized by size & placed in bins.  The 1 1/2″ go in their own bin for my on-going postage stamp quilt.  I’ll blog about that another day!

Yesterday I saw that Sandy from Quilting for the Rest of Us is hosting an online mystery scrap quilt with a pattern written by a fellow guild member, Charlotte.  Clues will be released monthly through Novemeber, December we take a break & then start assembling the top in 2014. 

Since this sounded like a *true* scrap quilt where anything can used next to each other, & I have all these nice precut pieces I decided to join in & use this as my “incentive quilt.”  i.e. once I get all the chores for the day done like packing & giving away things & organizing the business to be setup in Virginia, & planning cute baby things to make- I can play with scraps!  Now yes, I could make any quilt I have in progress be my “incentive quilt,” but really those scraps are taking over my life at the moment and from Sandy’s description this won’t be an “intensive” mystery quilts like some others out there, so this will be a nice relaxing break at the end of the day.

I’ll be posting my progress as the months go by so you’ll be able to see the quilt develop- I can’t wait to get started but first I must tackle packing!

Happy quilting!