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Tuesday Tip! 4-Patch Trick

Today’s Tip is a quick & easy way to make two 4-patch blocks from two squares!  This is a handy tip to have in your back pocket if you have a charm pack or layer cake laying around or just a lot of square scraps.

Start with two different squares of fabric the same size.  In this example I’m using 5″ squares:

Layer them with their right sides together:

Sew with a 1/4″ seam allowance on right & left sides:

Cut the block in half (so I’ll cut it at 2 1/2″) but make sure your cutting line is parallel to your sewing lines!

You now have two separate blocks:

Press the new blocks open.  I pressed both to the green fabric which was my dark:

This is what they look like on the right side, lay them in front of your so that the center seam is horizontal with the dark fabric on top:

Now take the block on the right side & rotate it so that the light fabric is on top:

Take the block on the right side & flip it over so that it is on top of the left block, with the right sides together:

You’ll notice that the fabrics are now layered opposite each other & the center seam should nest:

Sew with a 1/4″ seam allowance on the right & left sides again.  Your new stitching line should pass through the center seam:

Now cut the block in half again (I’m going to cut at 2 1/2″):

And you’ll have two separate blocks:

Press the seams using the spinning seams trick you now have 2, 4-patches!  If you used 5″ squares like I did, your squares will be 4 1/2″:

I hope you find this tutorial helpful- it’s a great way to use up scraps!

Tuesday Tip! Spinning Seams

I’m very excited to let you know that I’ll be starting a “Tuesday Tip” series on the blog! These will cover a variety of topics to help you make your quilts flatter and smoother before sending them to a longarmer. They will be in a variety of formats: photos, videos, etc- until I find out what works best for me.

Today’s tip is actually a video (please be patient! This is my first video!) on how to spin seams. I received an email from a student this weekend about the best ways to press their seams & I wanted to share with them how to “spin their seams” so I decided to take the opportunity to share it with everyone!

Enjoy & please let me know your thoughts & if you have any questions you’d like answered about prepping a quilt for a longarmer. Linking up with Small Blog Meet